Which Dictator are YOU?

There are many dictators out there, but which one are you? Perhaps you are just a little known fascist, or an all out Nazi. Maybe your a simple Marxist, or a totalitarian Communist.

Do your people worship you as a god, or just fear you? Do other countries tremble at your sight, or just laugh? Do you start wars for oil, conquest, or national pride?Find out now!

Created by: Myname
1. What is your age?
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. For which reason would you be MOST likely to invade a country?
The land that country occupies once belonged to the Fatherland
The Ethiopians don't deserve to have their own country!
To control it's oil reserves
To spred democracy....err, yeah for the oil
To liberate the people from their capitalistic overlords and force them to grow potatoes
To liberate the people from their capitalistic overlords and force them to grow rice
4. Which one of these nicknames do you like best?
Das Fuehrer
Il Duce
Honorable Chairman
Man of Steel
5. Which of these U.S. President would you like to see boiled alive, and then eaten by rabid dogs?
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Harry Truman
Ronald Reagan
George H.W. Bush
George W. Bush
Barack Obama
6. Some of your citizens are complaining about how you run your government. What do you do?
Round up their entire families and send them to exile in Siberia
Have the students kill them in a mob riot
Send the Fascist squads to beat them
Test chemical weapons on their village
Lock them up indeffinately in Guantanamo Bay
Send them to the concentration camps
7. Remember back in question 3 when you started that war? Now, what's your strongest Weapon in this war?
Those WMDs that the Americans gave me back in the '80s to kill Iranians
January and February
The Aryan Master Race
The Red Guard
Fox News
That treaty I made with Adolf
8. Your country suddenly suffers a massive food shortage, and little children are starving. What do you do?
Start an Oil for Food program, so that the benefits can go to help the starving children...actually they'll just help me
Blame the peasants for not understanding socialism
Tell the people they must make sacrifices for the good of the Fatherland
Ask Congress to pass a $700 billion bailout plan
Hmm...maybe invading Ethiopia wasn't the best idea...
Who said there was a food shortage?
9. Some of your citizens are having thoughts of religion. What do you do?
Have the Pope "accept" your leadership as he is (conveniently) landlocked in your country
Send propaganda minister to tell people that your Party is the official church
Talk about how great Jesus is while starting needless wars
Have Cultural Revolution to destroy all religious icons
Brutally suppress all religions
Distract world from Shi'ah-Sunni conflict by gassing the Kurds
10. Your people are beginning to wonder about how your government is working. How do you "inform" them?
Through a little red book filled with your favorite sayings
Through official "Party" news sources
Have government teachers indocrinate their children in government schools
Through Fox News
Why would I let the people have thoughts?
11. Hmm...that war you started in Question 3 is still going on...what's your plan for victory?
While still fighting the British, bring the Americans and Soviets into the conflict against me...(might not be the best plan)...
Do what Adolf says, and try not to get overthrown
The Red Flag of Communism will always prevail!
Threaten to set the oil wells on fire so the Western countries won't touch me
What? I have a plan?
12. Oh no! The people of your country are tired of your rule and are revolting! What do you do?
Go into hiding and hope they don't find me
Use the military to put down the rebellion
Why are my people brave enough to revolt in the first place?
13. Yikes! Your country lost that war! Now what happens to you?
Sign some treaty, remain dictator for a few years, and then get overthrown and later executed in another war
Refuse to accept it, hide in underground bunker, and end take my own life
Going into hiding, then be found by former subjects, and killed
I accept that a Democrat will win the election
What do you mean my country lost the war?

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