Which DC Comics Supervillain Are You?

As requested, this is the quiz that determines which popularized DC Comics supervillain your darker demons are a manifestation of. Perhaps you are a brilliant mind devoted to chaos from a distance, or perhaps you favor the hands-on approach. You tell me.

As requested, this is the quiz that determines which popularized DC Comics supervillain your darker demons are a manifestation of. Perhaps you are a brilliant mind devoted to chaos from a distance, or perhaps you favor the hands-on approach. You tell me. *Hint* there is no Martian Manhunter or Hawkgirl villain.

Created by: Daniel
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3. Which of the following scenarios would prompt you to set aside your moral compass?
When chaos presents no other alternative.
When your potential is limited by an oppressive force.
When the opportunity presents immeasurable wealth and power.
When the pressures of life grow too much to bear.
When my life hangs between the balances of what is natural and what keeps me alive.
When the rest of the world rejects you for being below average, despite all attempts to be.
4. Which of the following is the most likely action you could see yourself performing that consequently alienates you from a collective?
Boasting your aptitude before your colleagues.
Confusing directions where everyone else seems to understand them.
Stepping on someone's toes one-too-many times.
Refusing to obey the popular authority.
Being too neurotic and organized for other peoples' liking.
Losing perspective on important matter taken seriously by other people.
5. Choose one of the following kinds of people who would most likely "befriend" you.
Someone drawn to my charm
Someone who shares my beliefs
Someone looking to take advantage of me.
6. How do you feel about politics?
It is a chessboard
It is a fashion show
7. Which of the following do you have a particular aversion towards?
Law enforcement
8. Which of the following two sentences would you pass unto your enemy?
Humiliation and ruin
Death to them and their loved ones
9. Which of the following best describes your arch-nemesis?
A polar opposite to me in every way imaginable.
A self-sacrificing, self-anointed reject.
A well-respected member of the community.
10. Describe your best case scenario.
When every single mind on the planet is literally a subject to my rule.
When I can sit back and look at the carnival I've created and smile.
When there are no consequences to my leisurely activities.
When my rivals go bankrupt and turn to me for help, and I answer them "no".
When I am living among people who welcome me with open arms.
When I don't have to resort to terrorist tactics to get what I want.
11. Which of the following quotations best coincides with your own convictions?
"At times one remains faithful to a cause only because its opponents do not cease to be insipid."
"And where the offense is, let the great axe fall."
"If someone as blessed as I am is not willing to clean out the barn, who will?"
12. Which of the following quotations strikes you as the most absurd?
"A dying man needs to die, as a sleepy man needs to sleep, and there comes a time when it is wrong, as well as useless, to resist."
"Money may not buy happiness, but it can damn well give it!"
"I'm an instant star. Just add water and stir."
13. If you were to rule the world and establish your own socialist regime, how would you keep the people under control?
By secretly building an enemy for the public eye for the purpose of instigating fear among the people, rallying them to you for protection.
By reversing the roles of society where the poor majority are seemingly in control and the wealthy soon become the poor.
Are you kidding? I'm all *for* capitalism!
14. You've just learned that your boyfriend or girlfriend has been unfaithful. What form of sadistic punishment would you perform on him or her?
No punishment is necessary, I suppose, just more sexual favors.
S/he would have to die a most excruciating death.
A little blackmail goes a long way...
15. Which of the following forms of villainy would you choose to embrace?
Eco-terrorism - if you can't preserve nature then you don't belong among it.
Kidnapping and ransom - let's see how much you're really worth alive.
Biologicial terrorism - hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me.
Industrial sabotage - leave the economy in ruin to make my takeover all the easier.
Political manipulation - stir the pot and turn countries against each other.
But I'm not a bad guy, am I?
16. Which of the following things angers you the most about superheroes?
Their established bureaucracy of pretentiousness.
Their black and white mentality of right and wrong.
The denial of their own fallibility.
17. Would you be satisfied with conquering Earth?
Yes - one planet is enough for one person.
No - there's an entire universe out there!
18. Which of the following two ideas frightens you the most about death?
My name being forgotten.
Not living up to my own expectations.
19. Just how evil are you?
You wouldn't even be able to think freely unless I allowed you to.
Most would mistake me for the devil.
20. When would you stop turning the world up-side down?
Until I'm dead.
Until *I* perceive the world as ideal.

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