Which Canterbury Pilgrim are you?

There are many individuals with unique characteristics along the Canterbury journey. Some pilgrims are willing to help others at all costs. Some are happy as long as they are drinking or are in love. Others are content drinking fine wine and eating good. While others are praying and living for God.

Which Canterbury Pilgrim are you? Take this quiz to find out if you are most like: The Knight, The Miller, The Pardoner, The Parson, The Wife of Bath or the Franklin. Have fun!

Created by: Ann
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. If you find a $100 bill at the parking lot of H-E-B, would you�
Return it inside to the lost and found.
Keep it and hope that no one saw.
Leave it where it is and keep walking.
4. If you had a chance to go to a Hollywood party, would you go?
No, the party scene is just not my style.
5. Where would you rather eat for dinner?
Mortons Steakhouse
Wendy's Dollar Menu
6. Do you consider yourself a social butterfly?
Yes, I enjoy networking, I�m outgoing, I have my way with words.
No, I�m somewhat shy and quiet.
7. Do you believe in a good education?
Yes, definitely.
No, I can go without one.
8. Do you have a relationship with God?
Yes, I pray to Him everyday. I need Him.
No, I don�t need Him. I�m doing fine.
9. You see a homeless man/woman on the side of the road, asking for money, would you help him/her?
Oh, yes, I�d give him/her the shirt right off my back.
I�d give him/her a coupon to buy a nice meal.
No, what has he/she ever done for me?
10. Do you consider yourself a compassionate and loving person?
Sure, I love to give compassion and love.
No, I�m too good to have compassion or love for anyone.
Who needs compassion and love when you have money and beer!
11. Would you flirt with someone to get what you want?
Yes, I would�what�s wrong with that?
No, that wouldn�t be right.
I don�t need to. I have everything I want.
12. How would you describe yourself?
Educated and only enjoy being with other educated people.
I don�t have much, but I try to live a good and noble life. God is good.
I feel my best when I am drinking and taking advantage of others.
I need to feel wanted and loved by others. I�m good at loving back.

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