Which candy best reflects your parenting style?

This quiz is all in fun! Why else would you compare parenting to a candy? We all know the challenges being a good parent presents, and we can all use the time to step back and look at our parenting skills and deficits objectively.

So, what kind of candy best represents your parenting style? Do your kids know they can sugar-coat their way out of anything? Or are the everyday obstacles of parenting making you a sourpuss?

Created by: Dawn of The Proffittables
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1. What is your age?
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51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Your goodnight routine for the kids includes:
Quiet time with reading as you lie in bed together
A peck on the cheek before scuttling up stairs
4. To wake the kids in the morning for school, you:
Sound the Rise and Shine bugel
Pat your little on the back and rouse her gently
Remind her to set the alarm before bed
5. When the kids are fighting in the back seat of the SUV, you:
Fight with them
Turn up the radio
Pull over at the nearest park or scenic overlook and encourage them to hold hands while taking in the scenery
6. You deal with whining by:
Giving in
Complaining about the whining
Ignoring it
7. When your child brings home a bad grade you
Blow your top
Tell her the teacher must have made a mistake
Go over the graded work and show her how to correct the mistakes
8. What is your response to the thousandth repeat of the question, "How much farther?"
Turn up the radio
Threaten to turn around if he asks again
Distract him by playing "I spy with my little eye"
9. Which statement best describes the effect of Grandparents on the kids?
When Grandma says, "He was a little angel!", you better watch out!
We need extra luggage to come back from a night at Grandpa's.
Look how I turned out, my kids aren't going there!
10. How do you celebrate your child's birthday?
Her favorite meal, cake with ice cream and candles, and that special gift.
Clowns, balloons, her entire class, including parents and teacher
Slumber Party!!!
11. When do you have a family meeting?
The kids are on a "need to know" basis
Input regarding all family decisions is strongly encouraged by all family members.
12. For breakfast on a school day:
Pop Tart
Hot pancakes with warm syrup and cocoa
I'm lovin' McDonald's
13. How many presents do you limit for Christmas?
Whatever I can afford
1 practical gift, 1 meaningful gift, 1 fun gift

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