Which Black Sorority Are You? (FOR ALL GIRLS)

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robiye said:
Nov 13 '15, 4:29PM

someone told me i should go Zeta.. and that's what the quiz revealed!

Literacy said:
Oct 25 '15, 3:56PM

I have many so called friends who aspire to be exclusive. Some of them put on two faces, down to earth one minute, conceited and cocky the next. I can never identify the real personality. When they see a sister who is confident, popular,diplomatic and eludes class they go into attack mode, gossiping and creating unstantiated rumors. They literally turn into snakes. These sisters will put you down to conceal their own insecurites. These Soros don't appreciate good wit because they don't comprehend the humor. In the positive side,they are quick to make all kinds of plans and promises but they neverseem to follow through. That being said the results of my Quiz is who I am, a proud and true Zeta.

rizing_p3arl said:
Oct 13 '15, 5:30PM

I got Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. And I really do like all the women that I meet in the sorority, however when I was doing my research I knew Delta wasn't for me. With much respect I am proud of my decision Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

BLUprint said:
Jun 15 '15, 10:29AM

I love my ZPHIB !

However I suggest any women who are interested in joining an organization, do your research ! See how you can enhance the sorority and not how it can enhance you. This is a lifetime commitment. Dont choose because you like the colors, or how they step, and because your friends did it. Join because you're committed with doing the WORK!

Akatude301 said:
Jun 10 '15, 8:26PM

I'm Pink and Green all the way. I tested 98% AKA. The quiz was fun. Thanks for sharing. Skeewee!

dst said:
May 8 '15, 12:57PM

DST AND AKA 92%. I am a Delta with a sister who is an AKA. One question makes a difference.

1C1311 said:
May 8 '15, 11:46AM

Thanks for the test. It was fun. If I had answered with my responses when I was under 18, the sorority results would have been different from my results today.
Back then, I would have joined the sorority that pleased the old ladies in my church, or the most popular one on the yard. Many women in my family went to college, but did not join sororities. They were nursing majors who said their studies were too rigorous for social interests).
Today, I answered the questions truthfully without regard to what other people would think of my responses; and I am pleased to see that the test revealed the sorority I would pick if I were making my choice this year.
Now I see why there are so many inactive sorors. They probably wish they could switch organizations and be with people whose personality more closely aligns to who they are at this time in life. How can anyone be expected to still enjoy the same immature philosophies that they held in freshman and sophomore years of college? Actually, I would go as far as to say any philosophies held before moving out on one's own and footing one's own bills, paying one's own house note and car note before the respective due dates--every month; holding a job, building a career, and maintaining one's own family; managing one's own finances, and taking full responsibility for one's own decisions. Most people under 40 don't have a clue what it is like to hit life full-force everyday without parents or connections or hookups or good looks.
Being in a sorority is *not* about the colors. Actually, my favorite colors are pastel and jewel tones. Thank God, I am past keeping up appearances. Who cares if someone comes to class in pajamas...like we all wish we could. "She" was just bold enough to step on out there. "She" knows what side of the bread holds her butter, and baby nobody in that class is doing jack for her. So why should "she" care what them jiggers think.
As we mature, our perspective on life changes. "When I was a child..."

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