Which Black Sorority Are You? (FOR ALL GIRLS)

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dst said:
May 8 '15, 12:57PM

DST AND AKA 92%. I am a Delta with a sister who is an AKA. One question makes a difference.

1C1311 said:
May 8 '15, 11:46AM

Thanks for the test. It was fun. If I had answered with my responses when I was under 18, the sorority results would have been different from my results today.
Back then, I would have joined the sorority that pleased the old ladies in my church, or the most popular one on the yard. Many women in my family went to college, but did not join sororities. They were nursing majors who said their studies were too rigorous for social interests).
Today, I answered the questions truthfully without regard to what other people would think of my responses; and I am pleased to see that the test revealed the sorority I would pick if I were making my choice this year.
Now I see why there are so many inactive sorors. They probably wish they could switch organizations and be with people whose personality more closely aligns to who they are at this time in life. How can anyone be expected to still enjoy the same immature philosophies that they held in freshman and sophomore years of college? Actually, I would go as far as to say any philosophies held before moving out on one's own and footing one's own bills, paying one's own house note and car note before the respective due dates--every month; holding a job, building a career, and maintaining one's own family; managing one's own finances, and taking full responsibility for one's own decisions. Most people under 40 don't have a clue what it is like to hit life full-force everyday without parents or connections or hookups or good looks.
Being in a sorority is *not* about the colors. Actually, my favorite colors are pastel and jewel tones. Thank God, I am past keeping up appearances. Who cares if someone comes to class in pajamas...like we all wish we could. "She" was just bold enough to step on out there. "She" knows what side of the bread holds her butter, and baby nobody in that class is doing jack for her. So why should "she" care what them jiggers think.
As we mature, our perspective on life changes. "When I was a child..."

MzCutie said:
May 7 '15, 2:33AM

uncaka said:
May 6 '15, 5:39PM

So the mathematician/resea rcher/AKA in me has serious issues with this "quiz". So I tested the answers. Basically, the more egoistical and selfish your responses are the greater your chance at getting AKA (You should join Alpha Kappa Alpha! They tend to be stylish, sophisticated, but have the stereotype of being snobbish. Most AKA's tend to have a prestigious life. They love luxurious things!) - almost 100% score. Hummm...traditional ly, AKAs have been teachers; so, I don't understand that description. However, the more "grounded" my responses were, then I got ZPhiB. When I made my honest selections, the last question became the defining difference between AKA (Sanaa Lathan), Delta (Gabrielle Union), and Zeta (Michelle Obama). The last question has serious connotations of stereotypes. And, I can't personally state that they are positive. With that being said I gladly accept Zeta!!

RhoyalAgent said:
Apr 20 '15, 9:13PM

Lol! I took the test just to have something to do
but everyone knows I love my gold and blue.
Eeeee-yip my sorhors lol.

Majesty_D said:
Apr 8 '15, 11:36PM

They say AKA's are the conceited light skins and brown skins..I'm fond of an AKA who is nothing like that.. but I personally see myself as a Delta even with me being a confident light skinned black girl.

RhythmBluZ said:
Mar 31 '15, 12:43PM

Rhythm& amp;BluZ.
I took the quiz and it was determined that I am a Zeta. This quiz must really know me because a "Zeta" is what I am and I will be a Zeta until the day I die because I love my blue, I love my white, I love my blue and white alright alright alright.

kittybee said:
Mar 22 '15, 2:47AM

I got AKA

BMAYO1920 said:
Feb 8 '15, 8:56PM

Soror, I said the same thing and that's what I did. I waited and I watche'd how people changed-people who were my friends in high school and even in colleges until they crossed. Zeta fits my personality and I didn't want to join anything because it was the popular thing to do. And the way they treat other sororities can be very distasteful.

zetakhat said:
Feb 8 '15, 7:29PM

I am a ZETA. I am proud to be
But my suggestion on which sorority you should be.of course everyone will say theirs. I told my little sister join the one that best fits your personality. If you have to change to be apart of it or be phony it's not for you.watch the lines as they cross watch you friends who are and acquaintances if they aren't the same from before they crossed. Evaluate the picture the answer will reveal to you.

imawoman1st said:
Jan 16 '15, 7:09AM

Pyra Potter said:
Dec 9 '14, 10:46AM

Your Result: Delta Sigma Theta

You should join Delta Sigma Theta. These chicks are real and don't live in fairy tale land. They are honest women and are considered ride or die chicks. They don't take no stuff from anybody and will put you in your place.

So true!

i_am_myriee said:
Oct 17 '14, 10:25AM

teeqee said:
Sep 29 '14, 8:17PM

takeyahcpowell said:
Sep 28 '14, 10:23PM

kingceeceee said:
Sep 9 '14, 8:18PM

Delta Sigma Theta :) Awesome quiz

prettyinpink said:
Aug 6 '14, 11:23PM

Of course I got AKA and I'm a proud alpha woman !!! Skeee weee!!

Joy_jette said:
Jun 15 '14, 7:59PM

This test is fun . Do your research on each organization ladies. Don't let a test or others tell you what organization to belong to, figure it out for yourself. Speak with those ladies, go to events. It's a lifetime commitment so choose right!!!
P.S--- Sigma Gamma Rho was my choice and I haven't looks back yet. Living my life like its Golden everyday

SGNetwork said:
Jun 10 '14, 11:42AM

lol...I hate that this is so stereotype based. But it was funny. I did get my actual sorority. No surprises there.

Fivepearlz said:
Jun 10 '14, 11:15AM

The beat of my heart will ALWAYS cry Z Phi B! SP'92

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