Which Black Sorority Are You? (FOR ALL GIRLS)

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ZPhi4llife said:
Jul 4 '16, 1:39AM

My niece Iis AKA and she gave me hell for wanting to join Zeta Phi Beta but Zeta is for me and I cannot wait to join. I have to be true to me and the quiz said Zeta 91%. My journey begins.

Future Delta said:
Jun 15 '16, 11:20AM

DST!!!! yay

Wilbertj3 said:
Jun 1 '16, 12:23AM

complicated_soul said:
Apr 19 '16, 11:56AM

No surprise! I was a 93% match with ZETA PHI BETA, but A 78% match with DELTA SIGMA THETA. I think I'll be happy with either one of those two options.

Mina100 said:
Apr 14 '16, 7:02PM

Mina100 said:
Apr 14 '16, 6:54PM

Mar 17 '16, 9:06AM

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