which black beauty horse are you?

This is a quiz about black beauty to see which horse you are. Are you Black beauty or Ginger Or even Merrylegs. Find out with this awesome but yet smart quiz.

Are you ready to take the challenge? If you are you better be proud of yourself this quiz is fair for the horses from Squire Gordon! haha get it ok I think you don't lets just get on with the quiz.

Created by: naya

  1. are you mean or nice ?
  2. if you see a new horse ,what do you do?
  3. do you bite?
  4. do you like to go in an orchard?
  5. Do you cry a lot?
  6. Who is your favorite Character?
  7. Do you like this quiz?
  8. Do you like black beauty the novel?
  9. do you like animals?
  10. Do you have a sad life?

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