Which Avatar: the Last Airbender Nation do you best fit into?

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SND_335 said:
Oct 17 '15, 9:35AM

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IceWinterWitch said:
Jun 21 '15, 2:11PM

I got Earth ! Yay ! Though I really love water...
But still it was pretty cool! ^_^

and hadesman101 I would love to take your quiz.

hadesman101 said:
May 25 '15, 7:34AM

(I got air) Hello every body.
If you like stuff to deal with things like the elements and magic, I've got the quiz for you!

My quiz is called, "What element are you?" I have to admit that I'm sort of a medieval-greek so in my intro you meet this who's like a wizard. His name is Maddios and he is the Elemenalist. The Elemenalist is a lot like the Avatars from the show "Avatar: the last air bender". Just a little different. The Elemenalist study and masters all FIVE elements, which are Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Spirit.

In this quiz, sadly, you don't become the Elemenalist. Maddios, the current Elemenalist, gives you a test to take, which helps you see and find out what element you end up having, or "being". For example, I got 87% Spirit, there for, I am supposed to become a Spirit Adept.

Like I said, if you like stuff to deal with things like the elements and magic, you should consider trying out my quiz.

-- hadesman1012

Nina SakaMi said:
Apr 9 '15, 5:25AM

i'm both the fire nation & the air nomad's......

it's that possible???? lol

kiritoSAO said:
Sep 2 '14, 7:04AM

air nomad! this quiz took too long. way too many questions. it's epic! BTW search for Anime test of Anime it's an epic quiz!

Hot dude said:
Aug 22 '14, 10:30AM

70% fire nation and describes me perfectly :)

mattersmash said:
Aug 11 '14, 5:52AM

I got both water and air at 64% but it chose water for me

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