Which asian drama would you like?

There are SO many romantic asian dramas out there. Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean... So many to choose from, it can be so hard to decide. Do I want an idol drama, with good music and eyecandy? Or do I want a drama with great actors and deep storylines? So many choices...

So here's some help to choose which drama would be good for you. Just take this quiz and you'll have a good basis for a wonderfully romantic drama to start with!

Created by: Elvaniel
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. When watching a movie or drama, what I want most is...
A happy fuzzy feeling
A riveting story
Sparks and eyecandy
Laughter and silliness
To be rolling on the floor laughing
To see a good love story with conflicts
4. My main couple should be...
Sweet, cutesy, and slightly antagonistic
Intensely in love
Full of sparks and chemistry
Silly happy
Keeping me laughing
Sweetly supportive
5. In storylines, I look for...
Decent storylines, more romance
In depth storylines, with deep bonding
Coming of age stories
Silly gender benders
Light stories with lots of laughs
Heavier stories with lots of challenges and triumphs
6. I like side characters to be...
A few that I grow to like
Very few, mostly background (so I can focus on the main couple)
A couple of main side characters that I love
One, whom I LOVE <3
A hilarious cast of side characters
A few strange and fun ones
7. I like the speed with which my characters fall in love to be...
Long and drawn out, with lots of sweet moments along the way
An immediate connection that deepens
A quick romance that gets better and better
A longing, watching, acting-like-a-couple-but-not-really-together feeling
A quiet love that strengthens slowly and is eventually realized
A challenged romance that grows stronger with its obstacles
8. I like my villians to be...
The press and paparazzi
The character's inner demons
Customs and traditions
A main character that I love to hate >:)
9. For my male lead, I like...
Slightly arrogant, joking, sweet, slightly unsure of himself
Confident, a reformed playboy, with a slightly dangerous streak
Arrogant, lovable, and devilish :)
Unsure, loner, looking for someone to lean on
Loner, unfriendly, supportive, understanding
Strong, confident, loving, sweet
10. For my female lead, I like...
Always happy, sweet, and optimistic
Introverted, hard to talk to, sweet
Slightly unsure, sweet, steady
Goofy, confident, loving
Supportive, sweet, strong
Obsessive, loving, and cute
11. I like...
A couple forced together by circumstances
A couple inexorably drawn to each other
A boy chasing girl
A girl chasing a boy
A this-isn't-what-I-expected romance
A meant-to-be romance
12. At the end, the main couple should be...
Living together
Kissing :)

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