which afc north team should you play for

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if you like football you've come to the right place this quiz will let you now which AFC north team in the NFL you should play for the AFC north is including the following steelers,bengals,ravens,browns goodbye.

we will give you question to help us now what team you really should play for some of the questions we will give you a moment to see what you would do in that case bye.

Created by: oliver

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  1. which quality are you best at
  2. whats your offensive scheme
  3. whats your defensive scheme
  4. theres 6 seconds left on the clock 3rd down one time out it would be a 57 yard game wining field goal what do you call
  5. the two minute warning past you are down by 5 your qbs shaking up who do you put in
  6. what do you strugle on as a player
  7. whats your celebration when you score a td
  8. whats your favorite combination of coulors
  9. your the quarterback you just threw a pick and your team is down by 5 as you go to the sideline what do you do
  10. howmany runningbacks do you have and wy

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