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Healthcare dominates the headlines. Pundits gloat over single payer, repeal and replace, bipartisan repair, and blowing up the whole insurance system. People are often misinformed about the meaning of these terms

What sort of healthcare system would you like? Instead of studying all proposals, debates, ideas and bills, just take our simple but detailed quiz to find out!

Created by: Eugene Beed of The Grumpy Old Doc
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. My current health insurance (pick one)
Costs too much
Leaves me with little choice
Is great, but I worry about others
Is fragmented and leaves me with high out of pocket expenses
Is just a worthless mess
I do not have health insurance
4. My Doctor seems
Really rushed
Of questionable quality
To work as part of a team
What Doctor?
5. I would rather face higher out of pocket expenses when I use healthcare, than a higher monthly premium
Sounds like a money saving choice
It doesn't matter, money is money
I will pay a higher premium to avoid unpleasant surprises
All premiums and copays should go away. The government should pay for it.
6. I think allowing people to form associations to buy health insurance is a good way to make to make it more available.
It will leave out the most vulnerable members of society
The idea is a distraction that will benefit a few
A small step in the right direction
Exactly what the market needs
7. Younger, healthier people should have lower premiums to make insurance more affordable and attractive to them.
A key consideration in this discussion
No, the price for older people is already too high, and it will go higher yet
Everyone would have lower premiums if the government would get out of the way.
The system should not be financed with premiums
Everyone's premium should be the same
8. Health Insurance should be sold across state lines
Among a lot of other things
A red herring
A key component of real reform
Will encourage bad behavior by health insurance companies
Health insurance should not be a product that is sold
9. Some form of Health Care rationing is inevitable
It is, and should be determined by an impartial body
It is, and should be determined by the market
It is, but informally by increasing waiting times
No, we should simply get more efficient
No, it is evidence the free market is needed
10. I should not have to pay for benefits I do not use
everyone deserves the same care and benefits
There should be a required scope of benefits with flexibilty
Yes, you should be able to pick your benefits
I should not be forced to buy anything by the government
Allowing this messes things up actuarially
11. Penalties for not buying insurance should be increased
They should be eliminated
They should stay about the same
They should be struck down by the courts
They should be increased to give them teeth
Other penalties, such as non coverage of preexisting benefits should be used instead
12. Catastrophic Insurance should be widely available to all age groups
Insurance should not be a commercial product
It needs to be limited to the young
Sure, it helps keeps things affordable
Degrades the risk pool, and should not be allowed
Insurance is not the only way to protect from catastrophe
13. Healthcare is a right
No, there are no affirmative rights
No, we cannot afford it
Maybe; I am not sure
It is a right that we need to consider
It is an essential right, like food, clothing and shelter
14. One should be able to buy better healthcare, if one is willing to pay
No; all people are deserving of equal care
Yes; the wealthy can always buy better things
Within limits; Cadillac plans and concierge medicine are not OK
A two tier system of universal public and optional premium plans is best
Standardized benefits packages remain a must
15. Old people should pay higher premiums
Whatever the Actuaries say
Within the current community rated bands
A bit more than currently
Absolutely not; older people need to be protected
No one should pay a premium
16. Benefits like Drug Rehab and Birth Control ought to be optional
These ought to be paid with cash or MSA's
These services should be freely available to everyone, without charge
Certain groups ought to be be able to opt out
Policies should be offered with and without coverage
Mandated benefit packages are important
17. People who are already sick should pay more for insurance
Yes, Insurance needs to be purchased in advance
No, all preexisting conditions need to be covered
With higher premiums
No, as long as there is continuous coverage
The states should take care of these people with high risk pools
18. Medicaid benefits are too generous
Yes, they should be bare bones
Some of the benefits are ridiculous
No, they already are pretty bare bones
There should not be a Medicaid program
Everyone should have the same benefit
19. Utilization controls like prior authorizations and formularies are necessary
They are essential to control costs
Interfere with freedom of choice and patient care
Would not be necessary if we eliminated insurance companies
They should be tightly regulated and audited
A variety and choice of cost controls should be offered
20. People go to the Emergency Room needlessly
Insurance should not have to pay
The person's share of cost should go up
'Needlessly' is an arbitrary term; the patient should not be liable more than a "true" emergency
It should be a transparent cash transaction for such care
Alternative Payment models can address this
21. The poor should get the same care as everyone
Yes; it is a human right
As soon as they are no longer poor
Only to a certain extent
They have a right to the same insurance coverage
Standard benefits and networks address this
22. The Government screws things up
Yes. Just look at the Post Office and DMV
Only when it is severely underfunded
Better than some corporation
When regulations are poorly crafted
A public private partnership is best
23. For profit ventures have no place in health care
They should take a major role; the free market is best
They need to be fairly and reasonably regulated
They need to be tightly regulated
They should be put out of business
A public private partnership is best
24. Employers should not get a tax break for premiuns
No. It would ruin employer based insurance.
Yes, give everyone a voucher to spend on healthcare instead
Absolutely, at the same time Corporate income taxes are reduced radically.
No; it is typical of wasted funds that should go to healthcare directly
Limits on the deduction ought to be explored
25. I should decide what treatment I get, along with my doctor, not an insurance company or a government bureacrat
Yes. This is non negotiable
There is nothing wrong with affordability being addressed by the payer
Alternate payment models guarantee this
Your doctor should be salaried as well, to eliminate conflict of interest
It depends on your insurance coverage
26. Drug prices should be fixed by the government
No, they should be addressed by other means, such as speedier generic approvals
It is the only way to address out of control costs
It should be a negotiation with the government
Let large insurers negotiate better discounts
Drugs should be priced no higher than what the VA pays
27. Much of the health care people seek is unnecessary
Totally. Patients are insulated from costs and have little regard
To the contrary. Much necessary care is not delivered.
It depends on demographics.
It is not my business if someone else's care is unnecessary
Certain services are often demanded, even if unnecessary
28. Getting an appointment with my doctor should be easy
Other than competency, access is the most important
It should depend on my insurance
It would be if government would get out of the way
If demand exceeds availability, there may be a period of adjustment
Alternative payment models can ensure access to care
29. People under the age of 25 should be able to stay on their parents' insurance
No. It is keeping the healthy out of the risk pool
No. They should have their universal health card at birth
Yes. A provision of the ACA that has worked well
It is the parents' choice, and the market should offer products both with and without coverage
Yes. Better that they are gainfully employed with benefits, though.
30. I want to be able to choose my own doctors
It is called freedom of choice
Only within the narrow network I signed up for
Depends on my insurance
Choice of any doctor
With different in and out of network benefits
31. If I choose to have no insurance
I should be limited to charity care
I should pay a substantial penalty
If I get sick, my insurance should be limited and expensive
Everyone should be enrolled at birth. for life
I should be auto-enrolled in a catastrophic government plan
32. There should be a work requirement for Medicaid
Eliminate Medicaid
Entirely reasonable way to reduce abuse
No. Healthcare is a human right
No, it makes no economic sense
No. It is comebersome and will discriminate.
33. We need to experiment with different payment models to encourage quality
Already underway, and should be continued
Quality should be delegated to health care professionals
Quality is none of the regulators' or payers business
Experimentation needs to occur at the state level
Just so teh model is transparent to the consumer
34. Cost effectiveness of care should be a consideration
Yes, if done in a scientific fashion
Yes, depending on budgets
Regulations should define cost effective
A free market would let the consumer decide
Only in hopeless cases, or for experimental treatments

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