When Winter Comes 5

You are on vacation and there are four guys digg'n you! You spend time with each of them and you get to decide which one you like the best. So, take my quiz and find out!

What will you do, who will you choose? Have fun taking my quiz and tell people about it. There is still something a little strange maybe you'll find the answer.

Created by: Kirsteen111
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3. He leaves. You guess that is a good answer. But right before you go to bed, something stops you. A thought. You try to ignore the curiosity and brush your teeth. You keep thinking and thinking. You decide strongly against snooping around and lie in bed. You toss and turn because you can't sleep, finally, you decide to get up. The clock says 12:30.
I trust Jeremy and I want to go to sleep
Maybe I should....
4. You walk outside your door, into the hallway. You look around carefully and make sure no one else is around. You walk close to that strange door, but right before you get there, the knob turns on that door. Someone is about to walk through the door!!
5. You hide behind a wall close by. You are breathing so hard. And your heart is pounding. You have to hold your breathe to be quiet. You see, JEREMY walk out, he looks around but he doesn't see you. then casually he walks out. And gets into the elevator. You walk toward the door. There are the numbers 0-9. But what's the code?!
Jeremy? What are you doing?
He's probibley doing something illegal
6. If only you had a video camra. you could hook it up and see what the code would be if he types it in again. Wait!! You think that you could buy one. Even though it is only 1:00, you jog to the electronics store and get a video camra. Unfortunetly, they don't have one. You look all over Hawaii, well, the island any way. You don't stop until you finally find one. You go back to the hotel to set it up when you see....
7. It's Derek. You look at him surprissingly, then you look at your watch. It'a already 7:00!! You look back at him and he looks concerned. "Are you ok" He asks. "I'm fine." You feel bad about lying bu, you don't feel like you can tell him yet.
I can tell him!! He needs to know
8. "I want to take you to the movies, if you want to go." He asks you. You say yes. And he brings you to your favorite movie. While you are inside he puts his arm around you. Before you know it, the movie is over and he has taken you to the park.
Can I leave
9. "This park is so beautiful, I just had to show it to you." He shows his dimples. "It is pretty" You say "I've been wanting to be with you ever since I saw you. I know it's only been a short time but, do you think you would go out with me?' "We are already out, we went to the movies remember." He laughs. "I mean, be my girl friend..
Gasp!! Yes!
10. Before you answer, Jake walks up and takes you away. You see Derek in the distance. He has his head down. "Jake, where are we going?" "We are going on a hike" You gasp as you see a giant mountain! "You call this just a hike?" You ask while you giggle. "I though you would enjoy a challenge." He takes your hand and kisses it.
i think I'm going to faint.. smiles
11. You spend hours on that mountain. It's lunch time when you see the top of the mountain. "Let's go!!" Jake yells and picks you up. "OK!" You laugh. At the top you are stunned by the beauty. He looks at you and he stares for a moment.
Don't do what I think your going to do!!
12. Leaning in, he stops right before your lips touch. "I love you," He whispers then he kisses you.
Get off!
13. You are so exhausted that you faint in his arms. You wake up in your room. It's severall hours later and it's night again. There is a note on your dresser. "____, I had to leave but I brought you back to your room. Love Jake." You put your hands on your lips, you feel stunned and excited at the same time. You remember the video camra. You go outside or your door again and see that door... You wait and look around. Quickly you set up the video camra. Its one of those high tech ones that is small, so you can't see it. It is also wireless so there are no cords or anything.
You gotta love technology!!
Where is Wesley
14. You set it up and go back to your room. Hooking up your laptop to the camra was easy. Now you could see everything in the hallway. But you are still tired and go back to sleep. You forget that your door is cracked open...
15. In the morning you hear someone walk in. You are scared because your laptop is still on and what if someone sees it. What if it's the guy who hit you over the head? What if its Jeremy?!! What would he say?! You hear a man's voice, "What's this...
16. Who do you like?

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