When will you get married?

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AlexTheCat said:
Jan 24 '13, 7:17PM

19% close to getting married. lol I guess that's true. I have to finish school first, afterall :P

omg9 said:
Jan 15 '13, 8:07PM

what dose 50% mean?

forte said:
Jan 13 '13, 4:24PM

@the coldest sun: I totally agree! (except I am a boy and the one Im talking about is a girl...)

jacbow2 said:
Dec 1 '12, 8:07AM

31 and im 11

DamagedSinger13 said:
Nov 30 '12, 10:11PM

I dont even know why I took this.... i dont want to get married....

snowballchevy said:
Nov 22 '12, 2:26PM

I am 11 and it says i will be married at 12 or 13 ! I am not even dating anyone.not the best quiz but....yeah.

The Coldest Sun said:
Nov 17 '12, 11:17PM

.......Ugly but kind, hot but unkind. There's no compromise? The boy I like is very handsome, and he has the best personality of anyone I see in that entire school.

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