When will you get married?

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Jay said:
Mar 21 '08, 1:35PM

07%? I should change my view on marriage? Whats with that? I am thirteen, only 7+ years away. I can do this. Now I feel bad for cpgiambinyy25. 2 stars out of 5

hello123 said:
Mar 11 '08, 2:43PM

25% #8 is stupid! there r nice, Hott ppl.

Ninja De Fuego said:
Mar 1 '08, 5:37AM

question 8 is stupid. there are attractive people who are nice in the world. its not a matter of black and white.

bubblz said:
Feb 16 '08, 5:16PM

20%, but that's perfect. im not in a rush to get married at all, im only 13.

guzorazvaljivac said:
Feb 15 '08, 2:50AM

well I got 26% and I was looking forward to marige...
well... looks like I'll have to wait... :D

BabyGirl said:
Feb 13 '08, 7:38PM

38% but its fine with me cause i am 13 years old!!!

1234567 said:
Feb 13 '08, 6:31PM

it said 32%....well im only 13 so thats okkk

cpgiambinyy25 said:
Jan 5 '08, 9:57PM

o well

kassie said:
Dec 30 '07, 10:25PM

You are 0% close to marriage!

Uh oh.. you are in deep trouble!! You should really change your view on marriage. And don't change your boyfriends/girlfriends too often..

CARMEN said:
Dec 22 '07, 12:29PM

Ahhhhh! 75% thats okay and then not okay....im just 16!!! its said 1-2 years....no...i'll still be in college...but hey if its fate wut can we do....

aszand_58 said:
Dec 21 '07, 10:26PM

okay, so i got 11%. that is a little depressing. lol.

Irish_Willow said:
Dec 20 '07, 3:54PM

26% Ain't I lucky? lol!

soccerfreak_13 said:
Dec 20 '07, 12:08PM

62% ready for marriage

girly09 said:
Dec 19 '07, 9:13AM

25% ready for marriage

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