whats your favorite animal

this quiz is to know what your favorite animal is like it says in the title.it's really easy to take this quiz, just click the small circle next to your answer,then you get it

its to know if you got your favorite animal or not, and if you do, go ahead and jump up and down and see you true you.we know how love feels,so show it up

Created by: love

  1. do you like animals?
  2. do you want a pet?
  3. do you want to be an animal your self?
  4. whats your favorite type of animal?
  5. is there an animal inside?
  6. do you know how dogs came to be?
  7. do you know why pets are so nice to the owner?
  8. do you think this quiz makes sense?
  9. do you have a favorite animal already?
  10. do you know why you are doing this test?

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