what you would you be if you weren't you?

There are certain mysteries in the universe, some constantly captivate the mind others dont occur to you until they are right infront of your face.. staring you down like an irritated cat.. could you be that cat?

Its possible there is something hidden inside you.. yearning to escape! pick the answers that most closely resemble your attitudes. It's important not to think too long or hard about any of these questions: let your instincts guide you as you click and submit....

Created by: f---head
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What would you prefer to have as your skin?
Shark skin (rubbery and sandpapery)
Baby seal fur (soft and waterproof)
Iron (like a knight)
Floral curtain material
4. What makes you the most uncomfortable in a social group situation?
Snipers (aiming at no-one in particular)
Sexually explicit acts
Rampant wildlife (Deer, hampsters, crayfish)
People who aren't your friends joining you
5. If forced into a bus travelling a distance of 1500kms who would you rather not have accompany you?
Cher (still upset over sunny's skiing death)
Pauline Hanson
Tim Costello (sex addict)
The band Architecture in Helsinki
4 Teenage emo types
A pipe bomb
6. What is your illegal substance of choice?
Crack cocaine (have to smoke it)
Crystal meth (exhilaration, euphoria and anxiety)
Harry Heroin
Ecstacy pills (cool names, green mitsubishi etc)
Dirt (from the ground, gross, wormy)
7. When it comes to transport, what is your prefered vehicle?
A ford laser (hatchback, biege, slow)
A boat
A bicycle (tassels on handles, leg power)
Kangaroo (pouch, fast, uncontrollable)
8. What is your medical visitation history?
Often and Varied
Rarely (bandaids preffered)
Only for suspected STD's
It got stuck and i dont know how to get it out
Always (its an attention thing)
Death only
9. An awkwardly mysterious family member calls you, how do you react?
A Jolty Confused conversation ensues
You lie (about job, marital status, hobbies etc)
Warmly chat like old friends
Hang up
Pretend to be them (say everything they say back to them)
Sorry who?
10. Have you thought about murdering someone?
Only via a hitman
My entire family, i was inspired by a band i heard
Uh no (lie, boss and neighbour on secret list)
I killed a guy once
No (the truth)
11. What would disturb you more if you had ur eyes closed and this happened infront of you?
Your grandparents had sex
50 Japanese business men crowded around you & pee'd
A murder
A rave party for midgets
A whale exploded
Your favorite band performed and you missed it because your eyes were closed
12. What disturbes you more?
Dogs that stare at you
People who walk with their arms perfectly still
Overly tanned people (orange hues)
Mirrored glass
John Howards bushy bushy eyebrows

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