What Would Your Job be in the Hero Business?

Some people wish to be superheroes. Some others don't. A superhero is a man or woman with extraordinary abilities, such as super sight, super strength, invisibilty, or super speed.

What would YOU be if you were a super hero? Or would you just be a designer of costumes, or do you like tastes of all different categories? Take this test to find out!

Created by: Zharia of Candy Bar Gossip
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3. You just got your school uniform in the mail, and it's totally drab, so you:
Grab your sewing machine and start glamming up that uniform!
Ask one of your friends how they feel about it.
Decide that the one thing you can do is talk to the principal about it!
Talk to the principal. If he says no, find a loop hole in the school rules and paste a couple of sequins on, then ask your friends to do the same!
4. Your cousin asks you to help her with a performance, because she has a starring role. You:
Make her costume. The one drama club has looks like a potato sack.
Ask your friend to coach her. She's the better actor, anyway.
Step in and teach her the lines, then teach yourself her lines so you can step in.
Do everything, and ask her if she wants you and your friend to coach her.
5. No school for a week! You spend that week by:
Making a weekend outfit!
Chilling with your friend.
Reading the book report book that you and your friend were supposed to read together by yourself.
Making a weekend outfit with your friend and then you guys finish that book report together.
6. One word to describe you is:
Utterly fabulous. Wait, can we make it two words, please?
7. Uncle Sam decided to drop in for an unexpected visit. Since he knows you so much, he brings you:
More sequins! YAY!
A puppy, so I won't be alone!
A book about independent people.
A laptop for you to organize your designs, feed your electronic puppy, and to track your excellence in school!
8. You decide that your rooms in a mess. You need a whole new cardboard bin to store your:
Sequins and beads.
Cards from friends.
Awards from solo sports
All of the Above.
9. You start screaming in the middle of the night because:
You had a nightmare that you were wearing last year's shoes!
You had a nightmare that your friends turned on you!
You had a nightmare that you lost a soccer game!
You need to pee.
10. You wish your name was:
Coco Chanel.
Friendship Frye.
Solo Stevens.
Fashionable Friendy.
11. Candace LeMont and her posse walks up to you and insults you in front of half the student body. You say:
"Those shoes are so last year, so I wouldn't be talking if I were you."
"That hurt, Candace. I thought you were my friend." then you call your other, bigger, much more threatening best friend.
"Shut up, Candace. One to four is okay with me, so if you want to fight, bring it on."
"Leave me alone, jerk!"
12. Binkie Barnes asks you to join drama club as a:
Costume designer.
Aide to the stars.
Leading actor.
Stage manager/actor/costume manager. Hey, you can multitask!

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