what will your teenage daughter look like ?

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Jassiel said:
Dec 26 '11, 10:25PM

Mines gonna be emo alright I'll let them if they choose too

sexygirl12316 said:
Nov 29 '11, 2:18PM

yes i would let them

briane said:
Jun 12 '10, 9:01AM

Sporty yes!

xXvampiregirlXx said:
Jun 5 '10, 12:05PM

sure she can be emo

Kaena said:
May 15 '10, 4:04PM

nice she'll be sporty :)

ClayMan said:
May 1 '10, 7:48PM

Your Result: emo girl

That's fine by me. I was a metal head / goth as a teenager. But I wasn't like the other goths. The others were all depressed. I was angry and often got in fist fights.

hollister said:
Apr 26 '10, 6:57PM

YES! she'll be a girly girl im so glad i didn't get nerdy or emo girl!

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