What village are you best in?

Welllll this is for my new naruto forum RPG sooooo i thought this would be good to see what village you would be in so eh you can take if want but be warned some questions are sorta confusing and some replys are just stupid so any way hope you enjoy this quiz and mrrrrrr

Oh and i hope you get what village you want so eh good luck on your test hope you dont mind the weird confusing questions and confusing answers oh and if you want to know the forum rpg it will be told AFTER you finish it okie doki enjoy :D

Created by: James
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Your team mates are seperated you have 2 kunai 1 shurikan left and very little chakra but there is 3 enemys what do you do?
Jump in air throw 1 kunai at one person another kunai at another a shurikan at last one then use fireball jutsu
Try to confuse them by looking straight behind them as if there was something there then run
run directly toward them and try to slash with kunai
summon 2 Shadow clones and have them fight a person each and you fight the other
4. You see a wallet laying on the floor and you go grab it 1000 $ In it!! what do you do?
Take it nobodys looking
Go turn it in to authorities
Kick it away you dont want anything to do with it
Wait until someone picks it up and jump them and take there wallet too
5. Chuunin exam is up Forrest of death and you create a trap what kind would it be
Ambush after the enemy falls asleep
Strike them with kunais and shurikans
Crush them with sand and be done with it
Burn them to death with fire jutsu
6. 5 kunai hits your team mates including the sensei killing your sensei and your team what do you do
Stand there shocked
Act like you were hit as well until enemys appear thereselves then kill them
Freak out and run like hell
Why do anything you were the ones who hired them
Crap yourself and get into a balled up rocking motion
7. You have a choice in what you wish to learn in the academy but what do you wish
8. Your entire village was attacked what are you doing now?
Try to get as many ninja to hide then strike the oppenets
Hide dont come out until there is less enemys
Shadow clone jutsu as much as you can and kill as many as you can
Crap in pants hide but revealed because of smell
9. Fireball jutsu!
Dodge Kunai attack!!!!
10. A stranger asks for help and he takes you to his house to get a couple of kunais out of his wall all of a sudden he hits you with kunai
Take kunai out throw back at him
OW S--- F--- IM RUNNING!!!!!!
Grab kunai and put a explosive tag and throw on ceiling above him and watch as it falls on to him
Replacement! Kick him in face and run
11. This is a kakashi gaiden scenerio i know lol....Boulders fall from every where crushes half of your team mate what do you do
Try to lift boulder but cant
Crush boulder with sand and try to help teammate but too late
Cut the boulder up and help team mate
Leave him he was stupid enough to fall for it
Kick the other half "N00B!!!!!!"
12. Congratulations you just blew your team mates head up wth hell did you do?
Put an explosive tag on him accidently :o
Stuck tnt in his ear

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