what type of sports car shoudl you drive

What type of sports car fits you best? Is it a flashy Italian supercar for occasional drives? Perhaps you want a sports car for every day? Maby you want to go drag-racing with your sports car. Is track time in your future for you sports car?

This quiz can help you decide what type of sports cars to look at. It might not tell you exactly what the best car is for you, btu it can help you get an idea of what type of car you might enjoy. You might be suprised by the results.

Created by: Mike
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How willing are you to sacrifice driver comfort for performance?
Not at all. I need my car to pamper me with comfort and convience but be fast at the same time.
A little bit. A real sports car will always have a harsh ride and im ok with that. I dont need cargo space or tons of room.
Comfort doesnt matter to me. All that matters is performance.
Comfort isnt super important, but i still need my car to be a daily driver. Il need to use it to go to and from work and it has to be reliable.
4. How do you plan to use yoru sports car?
Every day! I want to drive my sports car every where and all the time without getting sick of it.
Stoplight to stoplight. Straight line get-go is where its at.
The track is where ill spend my time. Nothing compairs to the rigors of track driving
Long highway commutes. Ill need a place to put my fancy coffee, and ill need to hook up my wireless voice-activated 700GB iPodnanovideophone. Ill have to be able to carry a trunk full of luggage or a golf bag. At times ill want to take the famly out to dinner in style. Being stuck behind that guy in the highway who is going 60 in the left lane is not an option, i need passing power now scotty!
5. What are your plans for modification?
None! I want to leave my ride just like it came from the factory.
Ill probably do simple bolt ons.
I plan to do some major power-adders. (like turbo, supercharger, NO2, Engine build/swap)
This thing is going to be a total racecar. Price doesnt matter, only lap times. Money? - what is this concept you speak of?
6. How able are you to work on your own car?
I dont have much experience but i want to learn.
I can do all the basics, but i might not have the time or confidance for major projects.
Im fairly skilled. I know my way around the garage and i have the problem solving skils to work through any tough projects.
Im a profesional mechanic looking for a serious hobby car.
My pocketbook is so deep, ill just have a shop do everything i want or need.
7. Differant typed of sports cars are best suited to differant types of driving styles. How do you do your performance driving?
Sheer speed doesnt matter. The most important thing is that im having fun shreding up the street.
Its all about finding the best line through a set of corners. I liek to go back and try many times untill i find the perfect line.
i like hard launches and superfast upshifts. As long as im faster than whats in the lane next to me im happy.
Laptimes, laptimes, laptimes. Its all about getting around the track faster than you.
Response is most important to me. I need my car to turn in fast and transition quickly. My goal is FTD at the local autocross.
Topspeed pulls on the interstate. 60-140 pulls are the coolest.
8. The type of car you drive has an effect on other people's perception of you. How do you want people to view you based on your car?
My car should make me look respectable and sophisticated.
I want my car to make me look like im sweet. I think im having a mid-life-crisiss
My car shoudl let people know im all buisness. Im about speed, not looks.
It doesnt care what people think, i like my car.
My car should make me look like i have money to burn. when i park somewhere i want to be noticed.
I want my car to look like a no-holds-barred race car. looks dont matter as long as it performs.
9. When choosing to drive certan types of cars you may be subject to stereo-types. What stereo-type do you NOT want to be called?
Redneck. I dont want people to think im a redneck.
I wouldnt be able to cope with people telling me i drive a girls car
I dont want people to tell me my car looks stupid or cheap.
I dont want people saying im rich or to talk about me all the time
It makes me angry when peopel talk bad about forein cars.
10. Cost of ownership is a real thing. Each type of car has different needs for maintinance and for aftermarket parts. How would you rate your ability to pay for the cost of ownership?
I light my cigars with C-notes, cost is not important.
This car is my baby and my life, and im willing to pay what it takes, even if parts are extra expensive just because i have an un-common car.
Im a working man trying to balance the cost of living with the cost of fueling my gearhead needs. Im on a budget.
I need to figure out how to scrap together some sort of sports vehicle for pennies on the dollar. I need the bargan basement pricing for all my parts, and that means lots of scavaging from junkyards.
11. Does it matter where you car was built?
Yes, i only buy American
I want a European car.
I like Japanese cars
I want somthing italian
i want somthing special
12. This question isnt asking how much money you have, just how much you would be willing to spend to buy a sports car. True sports cars can be found in any price range.
Less than 10k
between 10 and 20k
25 to 40k
40 to 70k
I woudl spend more than 100k on a car if i could afford it.

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