What type of person do you attract?

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3mOkitty said:
Nov 10 '07, 2:15PM

I attrack geeks,huhz? how interesting lol..

vasara said:
Nov 9 '07, 6:45PM

I keep getting the same resaut so it must be right
wow that awnsers everything I did indeed wonder what
it was that seem to atract thee oddest persons to me
and why I attracted so many differnt kind oh but um whats a yuppie I was just wondering.

wonton said:
Nov 7 '07, 12:34AM

....so josh ridout is a geek?

Margherita said:
Nov 3 '07, 7:28AM

I finnaly attract artistic people now!

LDoll said:
Nov 2 '07, 3:00PM

Glad it knows what I want.

Artistic people are teh sex.

rich16 said:
Oct 31 '07, 9:27AM

i do not attract geeks

Margherita said:
Oct 30 '07, 12:41AM

I do not attract GEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

emogirl14 said:
Oct 23 '07, 10:04PM

loved it! [remember, i used to uzamakigirl14 hope you still love me] anyway, i totally agree with this quiz!

see ya!=D

Grace said:
Oct 23 '07, 3:23PM

Bad questions. Incomplete choices. Meh quiz. I'm now getting two friends to write one wherein reality has some kind of influence on the quiz contents and results.

Lucian_Adonis said:
Oct 23 '07, 4:23AM

Yeah that prety much sums me up at this point ;)

The unstable insane people, and ya know what? I love it.

Each girl I have liked, each one was near set out of their minds and I enjyed everysecond of their company, so yeah this one rocks.

object said:
Oct 20 '07, 9:45PM

I guess i do attract geeks. But its more of the unstable geeks.

slut said:
Oct 19 '07, 2:10PM

i attract the unstable peoples..... not cool

dojob said:
Oct 17 '07, 12:01PM

I attract the insane apparently

Carla said:
Oct 17 '07, 8:32AM

omg i dnt want 2 attract geeks i wanted 2 attract summat else tha is not fair

yummy said:
Oct 15 '07, 1:51PM

well yuppies mybe but i almost have every single hot chick in my company...beat that!

lololol said:
Oct 14 '07, 11:01AM


prezli said:
Oct 10 '07, 7:09PM

yay i got models wooh lol nah its all gd reali

cyberian said:
Oct 10 '07, 5:59PM

gddsgh...sounds more like you ARE the geek, dipwad

gddsgh said:
Oct 1 '07, 5:36PM

if i attract geeks then how come i went out with two thirds of the hot chicks in school?

rich16 said:
Oct 1 '07, 9:55AM

i dont attract Yuppies i hate preps they r the same things as preps and i aint no prep so this quiz is like totally lyin and those others r nasty to change it

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