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  • Just as a suggestion, I think there should be more options. For example, on the bedroom question, 'never had sex' or something to that degree would probably be appreciated. And also, on there tarot question, 'open-minded' would have been good too.

    dacaiter Mar 28 '12, 3:59AM
  • wow dumb quiz...and the bedroom question...beyond creepy !

    Susie123 Mar 26 '12, 6:22PM
  • Kinda weird quiz...but alright. :)

    DarthWolf66 Mar 23 '12, 5:32PM
  • I attracted models!!!! Score for me!!!!!:):):):)

    LatinaHomeGirl Mar 23 '12, 4:39PM
  • I attract geeks?!?!? Eww no way, totally off dude!!! I attract cute and sweet guys and artsy people, not geeks!!! Please take my quiz, Does He Have Feelings For You?

    CheeseRox Mar 23 '12, 6:37AM
  • I attract geeks! I'm actually attracted to geeks (and I am a geek myself). I liked this quiz!

    Hhhhhh Mar 22 '12, 4:35PM
  • rednecks that explains everything & i guess thats cuz i am 1 heeehaw

    Emo96 Mar 20 '12, 6:02PM

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