What type of person do you attract?

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mybabygirl2007 said:
Dec 1 '07, 3:31PM


redneckchick said:
Nov 30 '07, 9:45PM

im attract to rednecks...yeah thats pretty much true but hey i do love them country boys!!!

Fucoff said:
Nov 30 '07, 5:53PM

Almost all of them are even, or close to it...

queenofthegeeknecks said:
Nov 28 '07, 2:45AM

I think this wrong I am always being followed by the dorks , geeks , and nerds of this world.

brittneyraye said:
Nov 24 '07, 5:31PM

i attract artsy people
yay! cause i like boys that arent boring
my boyfriends a musician

heyo said:
Nov 24 '07, 3:51PM

omfg, the crazy people are after me O__O

emochick112 said:
Nov 24 '07, 8:19AM

I should have known who i attracted....... the artsy types. it's true to......... i always attracted the boys with rebel attitude and a body that could be art:L lol

JFox said:
Nov 24 '07, 12:56AM

Am I the only person happy with my result!? I think yuppies are too high up, seeing as I can't stand them, but I totally attract geeks!

Irish_Willow said:
Nov 22 '07, 4:13PM

"Family values as set by Republicans"?? That's just stupid. This is possibly the most stereotypical quiz I've ever taken. Too many unrealistic answers... especially for the sex question. How about "I could care less"?

8LondonPrincess8 said:
Nov 22 '07, 1:09PM

I attract models yeah!
But actually I know none^^

AzN RoMeO said:
Nov 22 '07, 3:10AM


celba said:
Nov 20 '07, 7:31AM

i attract unstable people? YAY! UNSTABLE PEOPLE ROCK

Nov 19 '07, 4:58PM

ur gay!

_Z_ said:
Nov 18 '07, 10:18AM

Oh that's nice now i'm attracting geeks....-_-' by the way that was sarcasm.


_Z_ said:
Nov 18 '07, 10:15AM

I hate this quiz.....-_-' There is no way a goth chick is going to attract a redneck......

fknsexy said:
Nov 15 '07, 8:25PM

lol i attract models..
funny coz im a model..lol

realitychk77 said:
Nov 15 '07, 11:45AM

LOL, I attract unstable people!! To true, to true.

yazzmin said:
Nov 15 '07, 1:39AM

Odd, I attract geeks and my boyfriend is a basketball player who is totally attractive.
But I have no problem with attracting geeks! =) They have a interesting future ahead of them.

xopurx14 said:
Nov 14 '07, 8:48PM

i attract yuppies!? they seem kinda boring

xopurx14 said:
Nov 14 '07, 8:48PM

i attract yuppies!? they seem kinda boring

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