What type of libertarian are you?

I have divided libertarians into four main groups: purist libertarians, pragmatic libertarians, paleolibertarians, and bleeding heart libertarians. The differences between these mainly lie in their means of achieving a free society and the grounds which they support it.

This quiz will tell you which type of libertarian you are. Please answer the questions to the best of your ability to find out if you are purist, pragmatic, paleo, or bleeding heart libertarian.

Created by: libertarian_rebel
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you believe libertarians should vote for the "lesser evil"?
Usually no, but with occasional exceptions.
Usually yes, but with occasional exceptions.
4. How do you feel about the LGBT?
I support their freedom just like anyone elses
There are more important issues to talk about
Their agenda has become very anti-freedom
I love the LGBT! Support them 100%!
5. Cultural traditionalism is...
unnessary restrictions on individualism.
possibly okay, as long as government isn't involved.
very important as it is the result of centuries of accumulated western knowledge and should be preserved through strong national identity.
used to justify bigotry and hatred more than to promote moral good.
6. On what grounds do you support libertarianism?
On the grounds that it is the moral stance as aggression against another individual is wrong.
On the grounds that limited government and economic freedom brings favorable results.
On the grounds that it preserves cultural stability, sovereignty from globalism, and economic well being; which government is attempting to destroy.
On the grounds that it creates a tolerant and diverse society.
7. The welfare state...
is inherently wrong as it involves government using coersion to favor one group over another.
should be scaled back but can remain in order to help those in need.
is used by the left to con the working class into becoming its own static socioeconomic class.
hurts the poor by incentivizing consumption but could exist in a libertarian world.
8. What should our immigration policies be?
Any restriction on immigration is a restriction on freedom of movement.
Ideally, looser immigration laws should be a goal, but as long as we have subsidized immigration, it should be restricted.
It is neccessary to restrict immigration from cultures that are seemingly inherently opposed to liberty.
We should be welcoming to anyone and everyone regardless of race, religion, or economic class.
9. Our economic policy should focus on...
abolishing all institutions funded on coersion.
finding optimum level of regulation for protecting the rights of citizens and focusing on deregulation and desubsidization.
eliminating the parasitic welfare state and social programs, challenging corrupt institutions, and acheiving economic growth.
eliminating corporate welfare but keeping an open mind to market failures and externalities.
10. What is the biggest threat to American freedom?
Corrupt politicians
Bigotry and hatred
11. Could a free society establish covenant communities by contractual agreements that ban certain behaviors that are a threat to cultural stability and physically remove those who do not comply?
Yes, but I wouldn't take part in this.
No, this would undermine our governments ability to grant us freedom.
Yes, and I would consider this.
No, this would be very hateful.
12. Do you support anti-discrimination laws?
No, any business should have the right to deny a customer for any reason.
For some groups, but not all.
No, maintaining the ability to deny certain people services helps maintain cultural stability.
Yes, denying a service to someone on the basis of skin color, gender, or sexuality is harmful.
13. What is your stance on abortion?
It is a violation of the NAP, but government should not do anything.
I am divided on this issue.
14. Which of these is the best way to fund the government?
All taxation is theft.
The tax system we have now, just lower.
Sales taxes/consumption taxes and a small tariff if done correctly.
Personal and corporate income taxes.
15. Which ideology besides libertarian do you feel the closest kinship with?
Why should I feel kinship with statists?
Tea party Republicans
Paleoconservatives and the far right
Progressive liberals
16. Which of these libertarian figures do you like the most?
Adam Kokesh
Rand Paul
Hans-Hermann Hoppe
Gary Johnson

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