what TV show are you like?

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Inloveandstuff said:
Jul 5 '13, 9:43PM

wild tv, apparently. except I hate hunting. love the meat, but hate the thought of killing an animal.

Puppy xo1 said:
Aug 2 '08, 6:53PM

Your Result: pokemon!!!!

You enjoy being inside more than out.You are a good video gamer and like RPGs.It means you may not have as much energy as Wild TV people but have fun playing tag and stuff.

poke'mon are awesomw lol =P

MiSSKiSS303 said:
Aug 1 '08, 7:43PM


evilpenguin said:
Aug 1 '08, 4:21PM

agreed. vair stupid. And this person has a pig thing. Odd. Good day to you all.

misskiss said:
Aug 1 '08, 3:49PM

it wasn't a very good quiz..

guitarist 4 said:
Aug 1 '08, 3:18PM

that was dumb

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