What sort of horse owner are you/would you be?

There are many different types of horse owners, some 'better' than others. What is a horse owner? A horse owner is somebody who owns, shares or loans a horse.

You can still take this quiz if you don't own, share or loan a horse... just answer realistically and you can see what sort of horse owner you WOULD be if you had one *sigh* So, what sort of horse owner are you? Find out now!

Created by: HorseyAmz
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. Which of these descriptions best fits your horse/favourite riding school horse?
A well polished, first class superstar which is uber perfect to ride.
A cheeky little monkey with a heart as big as it's jump and several little 'ways'.
A real push button pony who doesn't mind if you make mistakes.
A gentle horse with bags of character which makes up for it's odd looks.
A nervous horse, I'm the only person it trusts.
Some random thing who I can't ride very well.
4. How long do you normally spend grooming, and how good does the horse have to look when you're done?
My grooms spend several hours making my horse look perfect for the next competition.
I spend about two hours normally, it's coat has to be shiny and it's mane and tail must be tangle free and well plaited.
I spend about an hour normally, but much longer when I go to shows. My horse has to look neat and tidy.
I spend anywhere from 30 mins to an hour and a half... depends what we're doing. My horse has to be reasonably clean and have it's hooves picked out, but beyond that...
About 15 minutes. Pick out hooves, quick once over with a body brush and we're away!
I don't really know, I never really groom my horse because I really don't know how.
5. A few scenarios now... It's a sunny Saturday morning and you are up bright and early to get onto the yard. What are you thinking?
"Oh darn, it's too early. I hope my grooms are done because if not, I'll be late for the show, and then I won't be happy."
"Who's going to be around to help me? What if I can't tack up!"
"Wow, big show later. I better get grooming."
"Yess! I can go for a nice hack before the show, it'll be great fun. I can groom for the show afterwards, there's four hours before we have to leave."
"Great, a big show! I better get _______ fed or it'll get grumpy."
"I'm so glad that I'm not going to that big show. Maybe I can go for a bareback ride in that field again?"
6. Your horse is showing signs of colic, what do you do?
Call the grooms over to deal with it, it's their job!
Confidently walk over to the phone and call the best vet in town- there's a big show in 2 weeks and your horse must be fit.
AAAGH! Colic! Hang on, what even IS colic? Huh? HELLP!
Calmly walk your horse around to stop it from rolling, then have somebody call the vet.
Pour a bucket of water over it and phone the vet.
Call a vet, then break down crying.
7. You were all set to go on a hack with your friends when you notice a stone stuck in your horse's shoe. Upon it's removal, you notice that your horse is ever so slightly lame on that foot. What do you do?
Panic and call the vet?
Stay home and groom your horse until it sparkles.
Put some herbal cream on the bruise and do some lunging instead.
Go on the hack, but take it easy and stay at the back with the friend who's new to riding and wants to stay in walk.
Go on the hack and do what you'd normally do- gallop!
Stay home and ride the horse gently around the arena in walk and trot.
8. It's an average Sunday afternoon, you don't have anything planned and you're at the yard. What do you do?
Call my instructor and MAKE him have a vacancy so I can have a lesson- duh!
Tidy up around the yard and then practice my plaiting skills.
Go for a bareback ride in the field or do some free schooling in the roundpen.
Go out hacking or go for a good canter/gallop around the field.
Practice my show jumping/dressage.
Spend some quality time just being with your horse and seeing the world through his/her eyes.
9. Now for a couple of 'random' questions. Yes... I do have to ask this, but there's a twist... What colour do you like getting your horse things in?
Black/Grey- it's simple and servicable (not to mention smart).
Pink/Purple- it's my fave colour and/or it looks lush with _____'s coat.
Blue/Green- it looks great with my horse's coat and/or I quite like the colour.
White- yeah, it takes ages to wash but it looks nice when it's pristine XD
I don't really care.... I mean, does it matter?
I don't know. I don't buy my horse stuff... mom does.
10. How often do you go on horsey shopping trips and why?
All the time... I'm like, such, a shopoholic and I've got to be bang on trend.
A few times a month, I love to have smart new stuff for shows :)
About once every month or two, I like to keep everything neat and tidy and/or, it's nice to have new stuff.
Two to four times a year, I like to have new things, but only really when the old things are broken/used up e.c.t
About once a year, I don't see the use of buying new things all the time... does the horse really mind if their saddlepad is a bit worn? Anyhow, you can make some things from natural materials.
Er... I don't know. Horsey shopping trips... I buy the wrong stuff and...
11. What's your opinion on dressage?
Oh, it's so awesome;I get to wear new,smart gear and make the horse do what I want it to!
It's really great, I like getting dressed up smartly and showing people the partnership I have with my horse.
It's quite good, I mean, I prefer jumping... but I just like showing in general so... :)
Um, it's okay... it's a bit boring to watch but it's a great way to show your partnership with your horse.
I don't know... it's pretty boring and showy-offy.
I think it's quite bad, some trainers use harsh techniques to make the horses do what they want... give me a big field and a bareback horse anytime!
12. What's your opinion on the feeding of treats?
Well, the grooms can do it if they want but... I don't care.
I think it's a great reward for after a show or a good riding session, but not all the time or it might encourage bad habits.
It's a great way to show love for your horse.
I think there are better ways to show your love for your horse, but it's okay occasionally.
If they are natural treats and fed in moderation then that's okay, but if they are that manufactured rubbish then... no.
Treats... yeah, hands up, I give them to my horse all the time, but I probably shouldn't! XD
13. How clean is your horse? (Just pick an answer quickly, don't over think it.)
Very! My grooms have to earn their pay.
Extremely... but they've probably been rolling in the mud >
Not very clean.
Not at all clean.
I don't know... when was the last time Mom brushed it again?
14. Well, it's goodbye for now, but if this quiz does well, then more will come.
Kay, bye.
I liked it.
Er... :)

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