What should you wear to school tomorrow (girls)?

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love54 said:
Mar 24 '15, 3:16PM

Cool... but i don't have any...

Beverlyreagan said:
Mar 24 '15, 12:26PM

Nice but i dont own that haha! Thank you anyway this is a very nice quiz

Br0wnieBunny said:
Feb 15 '15, 1:56PM

I like the suggestion. But I'm not really allowed to wear destructed jeans to school. Hmm...thanks, though.

KilljoyRainbow said:
Feb 15 '15, 11:36AM

Sweats! Ah, I wish!
I'm the kind of girl who usually wears either a dress or a skirt and always has a bow in my hair...the last time I went to school in sweats and a t-shirt, I got a bunch of odd looks and someone came up to me saying "Sweetie, is something wrong?"

BStreet said:
Feb 3 '15, 11:00PM

Sweats? Maybe. At my school, that's weird.

Brookiecookie said:
Feb 3 '15, 8:06PM

I'll wear sweat pants tomorrow if my mom lets me maybe I'll do this on Thursday CUZ that's when I have gym

jujayfourevs said:
Jan 9 '15, 8:13PM

I don't like leopard print I like a plain or sparkly t-shirt and jeans maybe nail polish maybe something in hair not a handbag! I only where purses that are reallllly cute or kavu

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