What should you wear to school tomorrow (girls)?

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dancegurl said:
Dec 31 '13, 1:00PM

i also forgot to mention my converse

dancegurl said:
Dec 31 '13, 12:59PM

hmmmm... right now im wearing skinny jeans and a blue blouse with my hair tied up and curly

puppals1 said:
Jan 17 '13, 4:23PM

We wear uniforms at my school.

sele24 said:
Jan 10 '13, 9:07PM

I don't own a dress

XchemicalXXstarX said:
Apr 29 '12, 8:47PM

haha im wearing a greenish plaid top and skinny jeans with my vans!!!!!!!!!!!

lovepeace8 said:
Jan 4 '12, 10:31PM

Bold pattern huh.... OH!! i got the cutest top that i never wear and it shows of my hour glass figure!!!

Maddiebarrett said:
Oct 16 '11, 10:48PM

Cool game I love it I'm so gonna wear plaid jeans and converse tomoro

kirarocks said:
Jan 22 '11, 12:55PM


coconinama said:
Jan 22 '11, 12:06PM

sweats,cool quiz

bunniesrule said:
Jan 21 '11, 6:55PM

Sweats, nice quiz.

Skydragon said:
Jan 20 '11, 3:35PM

A dress! That's cute and sexy. =) Downside is that it's winter, and I don't have any fitting leggings to this cute, short purple dress. Otherwise, I'd wear it. ^^

Loverebeccah said:
Jan 20 '11, 12:37PM

hmmm... dress??
i only wear dresses 2 special occassions
and besides, im british now american and in egland children can wear own cloths exept from on mufty days
but i rated your quiz 10/10 anyway :DD

tomboykaitie said:
Jan 19 '11, 9:26PM

Sweats. True... true...

hale4456 said:
Jan 19 '11, 7:15PM

i like it too...but wht does bold pattern mean lmao!

manjusha said:
Jan 18 '11, 7:37AM

i like your quz!

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