What should you wear to school tomorrow (girls)?

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ChrisyKempz said:
Mar 27 '16, 10:40PM

I love this it really help people like me

LalaLlama said:
Nov 8 '15, 9:42PM

Wow, I like this quiz! I got bold pattern. =) Really fits me!

Brooke Madeline said:
Nov 8 '15, 5:18PM

Lol I got metallic/textured. Fun fact: (also random) sweatpants are actually a trend at my school.

Marissa_1234 said:
Oct 1 '15, 3:04AM

I got sweats. You're a psychic lol.

kitkat8009 said:
Sep 20 '15, 5:01PM

That actually quite cool I had already picked out my outfit and it came up with something like it

Or said something metallic or textured and I'm wearing something metallic gold with scale texture

batman12506 said:
Jul 13 '15, 9:31PM

I got sweats. Oh well. I usually wear band shirts, skinney jeans, and my converse.

missinifity72 said:
Jun 3 '15, 5:34AM

cool app is so cool i love it

love54 said:
Mar 24 '15, 3:16PM

Cool... but i don't have any...

Beverlyreagan said:
Mar 24 '15, 12:26PM

Nice but i dont own that haha! Thank you anyway this is a very nice quiz

Br0wnieBunny said:
Feb 15 '15, 1:56PM

I like the suggestion. But I'm not really allowed to wear destructed jeans to school. Hmm...thanks, though.

KilljoyRainbow said:
Feb 15 '15, 11:36AM

Sweats! Ah, I wish!
I'm the kind of girl who usually wears either a dress or a skirt and always has a bow in my hair...the last time I went to school in sweats and a t-shirt, I got a bunch of odd looks and someone came up to me saying "Sweetie, is something wrong?"

BStreet said:
Feb 3 '15, 11:00PM

Sweats? Maybe. At my school, that's weird.

Brookiecookie said:
Feb 3 '15, 8:06PM

I'll wear sweat pants tomorrow if my mom lets me maybe I'll do this on Thursday CUZ that's when I have gym

jujayfourevs said:
Jan 9 '15, 8:13PM

I don't like leopard print I like a plain or sparkly t-shirt and jeans maybe nail polish maybe something in hair not a handbag! I only where purses that are reallllly cute or kavu

Idontcare_ said:
Dec 11 '14, 2:42AM

TheLoveOfBands said:
Dec 7 '14, 4:08PM


RamboNy said:
Nov 11 '14, 7:29PM

They said to where sweats but I'm a wallflower so I'm a nerdy geeky jockey artist

RamboNy said:
Nov 11 '14, 7:28PM

They said to where sweats but I'm a wallflower so I'm a nerdy geeky jockey artist

purplerocks said:
Nov 5 '14, 12:40AM

What should i wear for tommorow for high school

Kiersten 1D said:
Oct 29 '14, 4:28PM

Collar?Not My Thing.I Like Bold Patterns!:D

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