What's Your Style? (girls)

What is YOUR style?!?! Make sure you are a girl, unless you are a guy that would normally do girlie things like getting their nails done or wearing making. So ya, make sure you are a girl.

Okay, so are you more of a funky and unique girl? What about casual? Classic? Or maybe romantic? Just take this quiz and you will find out! There are only 18 questions and it will seriously only take you like a minute! Have fun...

Created by: aszand_58
1. What is your age?
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18 to 24 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. They're doing Grease this summer at camp. You want to:
Be Sandy, of course
Play Frenchy, the zany beauty school drop out
Be Rizzo. Her attitude is awesome
Make the costumes
4. Time to hit the gym. You wear:
Your matching Reebok sweats and sneakers
A baby blue velour track suit
Whatever you were already wearing
The latest in boxing chic
5. At the mall, you check out the latest clothes worn by:
The preps
The girlie girls
The jocks
6. You would DIE to shop with:
Diane Von Furstenberg - her wrap dress has stood the test of time
Hilary Duff - you love her clothing line and style
Anna Kournikova - you love her sporty style
Betsey Johnson - she mixes it up like no one else
7. On your bedroom wall, there is a poster of:
Zac Efron- very down to earth
Usher - super romantic
Adam Brody - he has his own pseudo-skate punk style you love
The Jonas Brothers - they can wear any style of clothing
8. In your makeup bag, you've got:
Lipstick, powder and mascara
Pink blush and lip-gloss
Ya right...makeup bag...your funny
The latest beauty products - whatever is hot right now
9. What bedspread sounds more for you?
Navy blue striped
Pink with flowers
Black and white
Crazy-colored with different patterns
10. The last time you got a manicure, it was:
Pale Pink
Um....never/too long ago to remember
Bright with stripes
11. The perfect accessory is:
A headband
A fun, floral, bright bag
A pair of comfy sneakers
A really funky belt
12. Which car sounds more appealing?
A trusty Honda Accord
A VW Bug convertible
An Escalade
A customized burgundy Mini-Cooper
13. Which one of the following singers/bands do you like more?
Rooney - you like their classic vibe
John Mayer - you dig dreamy types
Missy Elliot - you love her "don't care" attitude
Gwen Stefani - she keeps you guessing and is really unique
14. You met your last crush:
At the movies
After-school choir/band practice
The park, playing a sport
The bookstore
15. When your boyfriend suggests dinner, you pick:
A steakhouse
A romantic Italian restaurant
Anywhere where you can grab a burger
Korean BBQ - they let you cook your own food which is really fun
16. Your boyfriend asks you to the prom! Dress that sounds more appealing is:
Black and strapless
The fairy tale ball gown
A simple, comfortable red dress
A one-of-a-kind creation
17. Your ideal bag would be:
A quality leather purse that never goes out of style
Something delicate and pretty, like an embroidered clutch
A tote that would hold all of your stuff and never need replacing
Something funky and colorful that no one else has
18. At the beach you:
Swim a little, lie down a little
Are getting a tan
Swim and go running
Put on music and read a magazine

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