What's your Patronus?

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LoneShadowWolf said:
Mar 22 '13, 1:39PM

First I got panther, then wolf. Both were accurate.

Kitten01 said:
Mar 9 '13, 8:30AM

@mellapants iguana was my second answer after hedgehog

Kitten01 said:
Mar 9 '13, 8:29AM

Yaaaaay hedgehog!!

Mellapants said:
Feb 5 '13, 9:23PM

I be wolf!!! Hear me roar!!!!
Oh wait... that's the panther. :3
Anyways, did anyone get the iguana patronus? It was kinda making me wonder how an iguana would scare away a dementor. It's kinda like a pokemon match using Magikarp.

Like, (insert name here) sends out Iguana Lv. 5
Voldemort sends out Dementor Lv. 3
Iguana uses Tongue Flick!
Dementor takes no damage.
Dementor uses Dementor's Kiss!
*Iguana's health bar falls to zero*
It's not very effective... (since a patronus is suppose to trump dementors)
Iguana faints!
Player has no more pokemon!

You guys get my drift?

AlexTheCat said:
Feb 4 '13, 7:30PM

Wolf! so cool that made my day!! :D

WildCard said:
Jan 17 '13, 1:54PM


You are strong enough to have few enemies and fearless enough to make those few enemies you have meet untimely ends. Of course, you're never caught. You are the bringer of silent justice.

Libbyluwhu said:
Dec 31 '12, 3:54AM

HAWWKKKK Awesommeeeee Haha :D

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