What's your inner animal spirit?

We all have something primative lurking inside us, no matter how deep. If it's a brave lion, a cunning tiger, a bold bear, or a thoughtful mouse, you relate to and show your inner animal... But do you relize what it is? Find out now... Get in touch with it and find out what's YOUR inner animal!

How you act and what you like effect your character and will help lead to the discovery of your inner animal! Please, answer truthfully! (Or you might never know...)

Created by: J
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You friend is getting beat up by the school bully, you...
Run in screaming your battle cry and attack the bully with everything you've got!
Quickly and quietly sneak up on the bully and knock him out with one of your textbooks.
Run before he sees you
Scream an insult and then bolt!
4. You and your friends are hanging out watching TV when a new show comes on. You hate it and you know some of your pals aren't too crazy about it; as you're about to change channels, one person jumps up and starts screaming at you that this is their Fav. show and snatches the remote out of your hand! (Spaze much?) You...
Jump up and Yell right back
Calm the person down and let him/her do what they want... Youdont mind the show that much...
Snatch the remote back and change the channel anyway
5. You're called up to do a math problem on the board. You...
Tackle the problem head on, logically.
See if there are any easy ways around some parts, ormaybe it's a trick question!
6. You're most likely to get a detention at school for...
Me? Detention? No way, never!
7. You found a wallet on the ground outside school. You...
Pick it up, hold it over your head and scream: "HEY!! Who's is this?!!"
Bring it to the office, they'll find it's proper owner betterthen you can...
Pocket the cash then drop it off at the lost n' found.
Leave it, it's not your problem
8. A fight breaks out at lunch!! You...
Join in and go all Kung Fu on everybody!
Hide under the table and use your tray as a sheild
Run and tell a teacher.
Use the destraction as a chance to grab another snack for free
9. Your bike got stolen! Now how are you going to get home?
Steal someone else's
Get on the bus
Call a family member for help
Forget going home! I'm going to hunt down the freak who stole my bike and kick their butt!
10. Someone drives up to you as you're walking home and asks for directions, you...
Tell them "Sorry, can't help you," and keep walking.
Step back away from the car then tell them where to go.
Mumble something to the ground then pick up your pace.
Drop you school bag and high-tail it!
11. Someone walks over to you at your lunch table and starts making fun of you in front of your friends. You jump up and...
Start throwing punches!
Start throwing insults!
Run away before you start crying.
12. You got hurt during your big game. You...
Jump right up and brush it off.
Stand up and walk over to the coach; He knows best.
Scream and cry out in pain.
13. How would you handle a break up?
Apologize and try to get back together
Move right on
Sulk about it for a while.
Have one good all-out cry in your room then start off fresh.
YOU'RE the one who broke it off!
14. Which pet is your favorite?
Big dog
Little dog
No pets!

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