What's Your Best Quality?

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winter_roxi said:
Nov 27 '07, 5:27PM

I'm ambitious... with no sense of humor.. how nice

12cwatki said:
Nov 27 '07, 3:55PM

intelligence \\\
well duh f course i'm at the top of my class
after that i got funny

Hattie said:
Nov 26 '07, 4:12PM

I am intelligent and have a sense of humour! Just cause I don't want to be a professor and a tour guide instead it does not make me serious and dumb!

Haylea said:
Nov 20 '07, 5:17PM

All mine were pretty high

spread_the_love said:
Nov 16 '07, 5:11PM

I've got sense of humor..
but my 'intelligence' bar is totally white!
so I'm dumb and funny?
LMAO for you

izzybell said:
Nov 14 '07, 1:00PM

i am pretty outgoign and thats why im the s--- .... =)

Animallover said:
Nov 11 '07, 12:04AM

My personality and hey I do to have a sense of humor

ElliottM84 said:
Nov 8 '07, 9:39PM

I got Love, but no sense of humor or Personality

Tomi P said:
Nov 6 '07, 11:58AM

My ideal job would be ninja, or grand high warlord

airmastr said:
Nov 1 '07, 9:06PM

says i have a sense of humor

rich16 said:
Oct 31 '07, 9:31AM

i am loving at least my gf tells me that this quiz is true this is one of the good quizes good job whoever made it

gorewhore said:
Oct 23 '07, 1:20PM

I didn't like this stupid gay quiz!!!

Phantomofthebasket said:
Oct 16 '07, 9:03PM

I suppose this is true... (I got sense of humor) I mean... I do laugh at almost everything whether it's funny or not and I DO crack some purty funny jokes...

Soccerstar said:
Oct 6 '07, 6:32AM

Hey, this is a cool quiz.. I like it!!!!!!

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