What's Your Best Quality?

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freckles99 said:
Feb 3 '08, 7:57AM

What's Your Best Quality?
Your Result: Out-Going

Your best quality is out-going! People like you because you are fun to be around and no one ever knows what you will do next. Also you are not afraid to say or do whatever you want.

Sense of Humor
bah dah buh buh buh im lovin it

foxtrot said:
Jan 29 '08, 6:31PM

lts for this quiz have been calculated and are presented below:
What's Your Best Quality?
Your Result: Intelligence

Your best quality is intelligence! People like you because you are smart and always make the right decision. Your intelligence also helps you handle tough situations.

Sense of Humor




Not a bad quiz i agree.........

XXKaciXX said:
Jan 26 '08, 7:42PM

thiz is a pretty good quiz better than "will you get married" i warn you do NOT take that quiz!!1

r_guitar said:
Jan 25 '08, 9:16PM

i like this quiz! its good and pretty accurate.

__aer said:
Jan 22 '08, 6:52PM


*Like this one!

aszand_58 said:
Jan 1 '08, 5:28PM

I totally agree with this order! It's scary! So first it's my personality, then my sense of humor, than I am outgoing, intelligence, loving, ambitious. If I were to choose an order for me, the only thing I would change is that sense of humor would be first, then my personality :) good quiz!

fantazygirl said:
Dec 31 '07, 9:05PM

according to this insane quizmaker, my best quality is my sense of humor!!!woohoo! excuse all these exclamation marks im very ridiculous.seriously, when i go to school i am ridiculed.(waaaah) i want my mommy gosh darn it!

chloe kentucky said:
Dec 30 '07, 2:50AM


Your best quality is loving! People like you because of your loving nature. You are a nice person that cares about others. Your loving nature makes you a good friend.

Sense of Humor

Ineedahugggg said:
Dec 30 '07, 2:10AM


Your best quality is loving! People like you because of your loving nature. You are a nice person that cares about others. Your loving nature makes you a good friend.

Sense of Humor

Who said:
Dec 29 '07, 1:52PM

I don't have a sense of humor?!?!?!?!?!

echizzie said:
Dec 28 '07, 11:51PM

Your Result: Personality


Sense of Humor




Aww I'm not ambitious. Which I guess is true, but... okay forget that. Aww, I'm not loving. :( Haha merry christmas and happy new year to all. :D

tigger_luv21 said:
Dec 22 '07, 4:55PM

haha this quiz it's so weird!
it says by best trait is my personality,
which is sorta tru, but i got lowest on
intelligence and i kinda won a scholarship
to one of the best skools in my city!

nequeo said:
Dec 20 '07, 12:06PM

I think it could use a few more choices: I wouldn't go to any of those websites, i would have rudely told the people in the theater to stfu, at the party i would have just watched the fight, my ideal job would be something that pays well with minimal personal liability, and i would probably rather vacation somewhere where it was mostly outdoors like SE asia.

weruid said:
Dec 17 '07, 8:45PM

this quiz is awesome! i;m happy that i got personality, it says i'm an altogether good person! but i barely have any ambition on this which i thought was sortove wierd. but everything else was pretty high.

TiiLeef said:
Dec 12 '07, 10:01PM

its awesome

TiiLeef said:
Dec 12 '07, 10:00PM

Yeah this quiz is OK but it suggests you can't be intelligen if you have a personality. Lol I am the least outgoing person ever..

elysiastump said:
Dec 8 '07, 8:37PM

Hmm...well it says that I have intelligence but that the runner up is out-going..uhhh... haha I am not an out-going person anyone who knows me knows that

moonbaby82 said:
Dec 5 '07, 10:07PM

I have no sense of humor! =|

Kokoro Shouyou said:
Dec 1 '07, 3:55AM

Nice quiz. Seems true enough, I mean, I am intelligent.............but is personality really that lacking?

steffi21 said:
Nov 29 '07, 10:38AM

i have a sence of humour but no ambition

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