What Pirates of the Caribbean Character are you?

Are YOU a pirates fan? do YOU like the characters? Who are YOU most like?Pirates three... Jack Sparrow... Elizabeth Swann... Will Turner... and the newst character.. Davy Jones.

Take this test to see which one Your most like. Every blow of the sword, every gunshot, every question answered... will bring you closer to your chacter.

Created by: WolfInside
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. :O you find a secret stash of Rum! What do you do?
RUM!? I celebrate by marooning myself on a island with all the rum, dance around a big Campfire, and sing "Yo-ho a pirates life for me" ( Me: :D *dances* )
Turn and ignore it, Rum is for men who have no sence of mind.
Have a little, but store it away for someone else.
take it and destroy it all! MWAHAHAHA >:D ( Me: O.o )
4. OH NOES! Your Boat Sinks! What do you do!?
Its not a boat.... Its called.... a Ship.... -.-;
NOT MY BOATY!!!! ( Me:
Huh.. doesn't really matter to me...
Hey, I'll Just ask my daddy for another!
5. Ok forget that last one. What if You got Marooned on a boat that was wrecked in the middle of the oceon, and all you had to survive was some beef Jerky. What would you Do?
Curl up and cry yourself to sleep untill you get hungry.
Eat only a little a day, and burn the rest of the stuff for warmth.
"HECK! I can walk though walls!" You walk through a wall and end up in port.
You gobble up all the beef Jerky.
6. What is your Fav. Word? :D
I made this for YOU! :3 ( Me: aww! How sweet of you! :D )
DIE! ( Me: O.o )
8. I ate all your cheese while you were answering the other Question!
Gah.. I'll just make more.
I don't eat cheese...
9. Jingle, jingle, jingle! Money in my pocket!
you sing along, stealing all the loot you can find.
>.>.... Um... ok...
Ok... Time to go!
10. Why did you take this quiz?
becuase I did out of bordom.
Because I wan't to know who I am...
Because I just do... DURH!
That is a stupid question... >.>
11. Ok wel... Its time to see who you are! :D
12. NO WAIT! THIS is the last Question!! :D
>.> you could of told me that before...
That was weird...
I hate you...
You don't wanna leave so you cling to this topic.

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