What mental disorder do you have?

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Moka_akashyia said:
Apr 9 '12, 7:26PM

Wee........ I have a.d.d it stands for attention defic.......oohhh butterflies!!!!

swordsteen said:
Apr 9 '12, 1:47AM

btw i made 2 zelda ph quizzes! hope you try 'em out! :P

swordsteen said:
Apr 9 '12, 1:46AM

ugh... i apparently have A.D.D. i can only focus on things i like though. does that make sense? S:(

Psychopath said:
Apr 8 '12, 8:28PM

I have paranoia....really

LaurenB said:
Apr 8 '12, 4:01PM

this is extremely stupid...why would you believe in this! your worth more then this!....i am worth more then this...

LaurenB said:
Apr 8 '12, 3:59PM


chocolatelover said:
Apr 4 '12, 6:18PM

This is a good quiz...
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