What mental disorder do you have?

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superbob said:
Nov 1 '07, 6:12PM

I knew i always had trouble paying attention

Margherita said:
Oct 30 '07, 1:58AM

This is a very strange quiz!!!!

freakdevil said:
Oct 29 '07, 10:46AM

im manic depressive :) ok it don't matter if im happy or depressed im myself

jimbobjoe said:
Oct 27 '07, 11:15PM

um... i don't have add...

WolFox said:
Oct 27 '07, 6:25PM

ADD and almost manic depressive. YES!

uzamakigirl14 said:
Oct 23 '07, 9:36PM

my mom always said i was a little obsessive!=D i new i had OCD! LOL!

uzamakigirl14 said:
Oct 23 '07, 9:34PM

my mom always said i was a little obssessive!=D this quiz is right on target! LOL!

12cwatki said:
Oct 21 '07, 12:39AM

i've always known i've been bipolar but no one believes me. i'm ocd about me being bipolar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zero Hayato said:
Oct 15 '07, 7:04PM

You know what I love about these quizes? They'll tell you how coco-bat-humping crazy you are, but they'll say zip about what you should do about it.

echizze said:
Oct 11 '07, 5:15AM

woots! I have ADD! Though it hasn't been diagnosed..

bethanyxcalamity said:
Oct 7 '07, 3:40PM

you should make it to where you can pick more than one option on number 5 and 11 because i have more than one on number 5 and all on number 11. :/

sbstar said:
Oct 2 '07, 5:18PM

Wow! Each time I take this I either get GAD or parania! Ahh! What't that behind me-! Oh... it's just my chair... that makes me nervous...

nthnrmsey said:
Oct 2 '07, 10:19AM

haha ive taken it twice and both times i got Obsessive compulsive disorder =D

pinkhairedneko said:
Sep 29 '07, 10:10PM

thats a great quiz thanks for making it

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