What kind of person are you?

See if you are a people person now!Test your relationship with other humans with this fun quiz! Find out how you react to different situations and what this means about your personality.

Are YOU a people person? Can you handle different situations well and adapt to fit others needs? Find out in this fun quiz that will test how you fit in.

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3. You are out with friends. One of them says, "Let's go eat at -------". You don't like -------. Do you...
Immediatly say that the restaurant is out of the question.
Tell your friends you would prefer to go somewhere else, but if all else fails, well...
Put in a different suggestion
Say that is fine with you
Grin, because even though you hate the place, everyone else does, and that makes you happy
4. You are driving down the road to catch a movie by YOURSELF (no one else will be mad if you show up late or miss it), and tomight is the only might you could get tickets to the movie, plus you paid for really good seats.Do you...
Drive by without another glance, its their problem anyway.
Drive by slowly, feeling guilty, but give the person on the side of the road a small smile
Stop and tell the person that there is a mechanic stop just a half a mile away.
Slow down and stop to help the person, checking your watch occasionally, and when it is time for the movie to almost start, tell the person sorry, really, but you have somewhere to be, and give them suggestions to get to the mechanic a half a mile away.
Stop at a halt, smile, and help the person, cheacking your watch only once, realizing you have missecd the movie, but thinking that it is okay, you can rent it on DVD some other time.
5. A friend is late to pick you up from the airport by 1 hour, coming there later only to tell you she was late because her friends little kid broke her Barbie Doll, and she was helping to put it back together. Do you...
Yell for a while, very upset, saying that she should have at least called, and threaten her that it better not happen again.
Get upset, but when you see her sad expression, you tell her not to make it happen again and that it is okay.
Tell her you are mad, but that it is okay.
Tell her that is fine.
Give her a big hug, glad that she is okay, and immediatly ask how the little kid is doing, not how upset you are, if you even arwe, because you understand that things like this happen.
6. You have 2 friends with you. You also have a chocolate bar. They both ask for some. You...
Say no immediatly, and savor the bar yourself.
Looking down at the bar and feeling resentful, you give a little piece to both of them, but the pieces are way smaller than the one you have.
Say fine, and give them each a BIT, feeling kind of mad that you couldn't have the whole thing.
Say of course, and break the bar in half, and tell the two friends to split that half, feeling a bit dissapointed.
Say absolutley, without hesitation, and give them each 1/3 of the bar, saying you all three could split it, and when they ask for more, you give it to them willingly out of your own 1/3.
7. Your sister asks if she could borrow your favorite earrings. Do you...
Say that if she thought you would let her, she was certainly wrong.
Explain that you really like them, so you don't think it is a good idea for your sister to wear them, but you say it gently.
You give them hesitantly, telling her 10 times to be careful with them, and worrying the whole night about them.
Say that she could, and tell her not to break them, feeling like she might, but it was worth a try, second chances are always good.
Immediatly say yes, you love your sister and would do anything for her, thinking that she might start over on a clean slate andnot break or lose them.
8. A colleuge or schoolmate borrows a pencil, a expensive one. They lose it. Do you...
Jump up, yell they can never borrow anything again, and "accidently", hit them on the shoulder on your way out of your desk or cubicle.
Scowling, tell them that you don't appreciate it, and that they should be more careful.
Tell them that that made them sad, but that you were sure it was an acdcident, making a note to be more aware who you lend things to.
Tell them it is only a pencil, and that even though it was irresponsible, they can borrow stuff late on, if they promise they will be more careful.
Tell them it made you a bit sad, but that it was probably an accident, and right away ask if they need another one.
9. You are given a gift that you hate. Do you...
Wrinkle your nose in disgust and say thanks in a very cold tone.
Say thanks, but make a note to give it to your mother
Say thank you, and slip in that it was thoughtful, while telling yourself it was okay.
Say thanks, it was very thoughtful, and see if you can try to find a good use for it.
Jump up and down, thanking her for caring so much, and say it is the thought that counts to yourself, and try to see if maybe you could try it and like it to see if maybe you will like it after using it.
10. Were you honest on this quiz?
11. Someone falls. Do you...
Make a snide comment
Walk by without helping them get up.
Stop, ask if they are okay.
Help them up.
Help them up, ask if they are okay, and start a friendly conversation.
12. You are in a restaurant, and the server gets your order all wrong. Do you...
Yell at them, then storm out of the restaurant, not beofre yelling that you would never come back to the restaurant again.
Order that he remake the food, and give a low, low, tip.
Tell them in a very cold tone that they should make the food again, and give an okay tip.
Say that they could remake the food, and give an okay tip, but you do not get mad.
Say it is okay, you don't need to rush, and take only a few cents or a couple of dimes away from the tip, telling yourself that it is okay to come back here agin, it was an honeset mistake.

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