what kind of person are you

there are many crappy people in the world with crappy personalitys. find out if you are one of those crappy people with what type of person are you? you could be plesently suprised

are you a nice person? or only think you are? take this quiz and see what you can find out about yourself. we can tell you exactly what your like after just a few questions. enjoy

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3. A friend has had a little too much to drink at a party and is throwing up everywhere. what do you do?
leave them to it, its not my problem on with the party!
think where the hell did they get the alcohol?
think good! lets hope it gets in to thier hair
pick them up, take them to get cleaned up then on with the party!
pick them up stay with them all night and clean up there mess in the morning
draw attention to them point laugh and mock them.
4. Its your friends birthday they have chosen you to organise something. They dont really want anything big, what do you do?
screw what they want throw a huge party using there money!
i ask everyone what they think my friend would like.
arange a cool sleepover with lots of fun!
i stick to what they want, its there birthday
i dont care i just make sure i look better then them
i arrange something where i can dress up
5. Its christmas time! what do you buy people?
i will get them everything they want. its christmas!
a joke present! what could be better?
i have previously asked them what they wanted so therefore buy that
some clothes that wouldnt flatter them
i dont care, nothing i buy would help so.
6. which animal are you most like?
7. you have had a fall out with your friend what do you do? honestly..
get my friends to beat them up and turn everyone against them
buy them a present and tell them im sorry even if it wasnt my fault
usually wait a while tem break the ice by telling a joke
do nothing, but i still keep there secrets
tell people and twist it to make them look worse
id let them borrow my clothes to break the ice
8. your friend is in hospital what do you do.
tell everyone what was wrong with them and make a new friend to replace them when there away
buy them lots of presents and visit them as much as pos
visit them with a joke card and some sweets
visit them once a week with there homework
slag them off so everyone hates them and they wont get all the attention
give them a pic of me to cheer them up
9. which of these is your fave colour?
10. which of these appeals to you more?
beating some b---- up
hang out with my parents
going to a party
hanging out with your best mate
doing a makeover on your friend...only it makes them a little bit worse
going to a dance
11. your best friend has the girl/guy you want what do you do?
Do all of my moves untill they are mine!
nothing at all, im happy for my friend
ill leave it and flirt just a little bit....
i will stay away completely they are my friends
hate my best friend for ever
it wont last long theyl soon like me instead.
12. choose a random one

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