What kind of makeup should you wear?

Hi there, welcome to my makeup quiz! Before you read another word, let me just say, that to play this quiz, you better be a girl, not a guy. Girls only, thank you very much.

Ever wondered if you are wearing the right ammount of makeup? Think that you're maybe wearing too much or too little? Or are you wearing none but want to wear some... just not sure if you should or not? Play this quiz and find out what ammount of makeup you should be wearing!

Created by: Morgan216
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you consider yourself pretty?
Everyone is beautiful just the way they are.
I'm a gorgeous super-model!
I guess I'm average.
I'm okay, maybe a few flaws.
I am so ugly, I hate myself!
I just want to die, I'm so ugly!
4. What skin tone do you have?
I'm like a ghost!
5. What colour are your eyes?
Brown or hazel.
Blue or green.
Grey or white.
Black or mixed.
Two different colours.
6. What colour is your hair?
Ash blonde or white.
Golden or dark blonde.
Light brown or medium brown.
Dark brown or black.
An unnatural colour. (Green, blue, bright red, etc.)
7. Describe what your hair is like?
Long and curly.
Short and curly.
Long and wavy.
Short and wavy.
Long and straight.
Short and straight.
8. Describe what your face is like?
Square and masculine. I hate it!
Sharp, feminine and defined.
Oval or circle.
All squashed up with big cheeks.
Very thin and slender, high cheekbones.
Small and heart-shaped.
9. Describe what your eyes are like?
They're average, just normal sized and shaped.
Small, too close together.
Big, like manga eyes.
Very female, judging sort of look.
Dreamy, big eyelids, far apart.
Angry and sharp.
10. Describe what your lips are like?
I am always smiling, so I don't know.
I am always frowning, so I don't know.
Small pout.
Wide and stretched.
They're normal, I think.
Sharp, defined.
11. How much makeup are you wearing right now?
I'm not wearing any... now.
I never ever wear makeup!
A little bit.
An average ammount.
A lot, I was just out.
A lot, because I always wear a lot.
12. When do you wear makeup?
I never wear makeup.
I wear it on special occasions like parties.
I wear it just to school, or my job, and when I'm going out.
I wear it on weekends.
I wear all the time, especially a lot when I go out.
I wear it all the time, every day, and I top it up a lot.
13. How is your skin condition right now?
My skin is perfect - no spots, no red patches.
I have a few spots.
I have red patches and dark circles under my eyes.
I hate myself anyway - I have to hide!
Very dry and flaky, or oily and wet.
I have spots.
14. You are getting ready to go out to a party. Your friend is waiting on you doing your makeup, but you can't find any of it. What do you do?
I don't care, I never wear any makeup, so I just go.
I ask my friend to borrow some of hers.
I find another way to look good, somehow.
Oh no, it's a disaster! (Now panic and freak out)
Just stay calm... maybe no one will notice...
I will not leave the house without makeup.
15. You're at a party, and someone accidently smacks you across the face. They say sorry, and you say it's okay, but you rush to the bathroom. Your makeup is a mess. What do you do?
Hahaha, I come prepared, as this happens often! (Gets out makeup bag)
I splash water all over my face to get rid of all the makeup.
Hide in the toilets until the party's over.
Oh no! What do I do? (Panic attack)
Figure something out fast... no biggy, I can take care of this...
Just ignore it, hope no one will notice, and walk calmly back to the party.
16. What kind of makeup would you wear to a party?
Make sure everything's waterproof; I cry a lot.
None, I don't need it.
Just my usual, not too much.
Really bold eyeliner, dark colours and bright lipstick.
I'd cover my face in as much makeup as I can.
I bring my makeup bag with me to the party and see what everyone else is wearing. If they're wearing none, then I'll wear none. If they're wearing a lot, then so will I. How's THAT for an answer!?
17. How much makeup do you have? (Not including nail stuff)
Absolutely none.
A few items.
10 - 20 items.
20 - 40 items.
40 - 70 items.
More than 70 items.
18. What's your everyday makeup?
I don't wear makeup.
Foundation, mascara, blush, lipgloss.
The above, plus eyeshadow and eyeliner.
The above, plus bronzer and eyebrow definer.
The above, plus everything else.
I just shove everything I own on. (Which is a lot)
19. And... you are a girl, right?
Of course I'm a girl... (Wink wink)
No, I'm a dog.
I'm a guy, I always have been, I was just curious.
I'm a guy, and why would girls want to wear makeup anyway!?
I'm not a girl, and I'm not a guy either...

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