What kind of lover are you?

Everyone who is in a relationship, or has been in one, is one of these things. Maybe you're even more. Clingy, passionate, terrible.. we once were or still are these things. Which are you?

Are you the perfect lover? Take this quiz and find out. The perfect lover is God's gift to man and woman. He/She knows how to swoon his/her mate, and those with them should be thankful for it.

Created by: Enzeru
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3. When your partner says they've had a bad day, do you..
Sit down and ask them what's wrong?
Lean them back on the bed and deliver them in to ectasy?
Walk off and pretend it's no big deal?
Ignore it and immediately make it all about you?
None of the above.
4. Your partner tells you about how they came across an old friend they were close to. Do you..
Get upset and start prying with personal/invasive questions?
Become interested and ask them about simple questions about their friend?
Cut them off and attempt to sway them with a line such as, "I'd like to be close to your body?"
Turn up the TV/Continue doing something while responding dronely?
Ignore them and ask what's for dinner?
None of the above.
5. He/She stays out late and doesn't call. You..
Go parental and bomb them with questions as soon as they walk in?
Wake up and greet them at the door?
Ask where they've been and if they're okay?
Stay up and wait for them?
Sleep like a baby?
None of the above.
6. He/She wants to go out and see a movie of their pick. You..
Go along and try to enjoy it.
Blow them off and see what you want.
None of the above.
7. He/She confides to you their deepest fears. You..
Listen intently and are genuinely interested.
Hold them in your arms and let them know you'll always protect them.
Ignore them and tell them they're acting like a wimp.
None of the above.
8. You see another guy/girl walk by. You..
Look at him/her intently.
Ignore them and wrap your arm around your lover.
Take your lover in your arms and kiss them publicly.
None of the above.
9. During sex you..
Are selfish and think only of your own pleasure.
Cry out someone else's name.
Imagine someone else other than him/her.
Are intimate and take time to fulfill their desires.
None of the above.
10. He/She's birthday is coming up soon. You..
Schedule a nice dinner for two and a romantic bedroom escapade.
Forget and get them gas-stop gifts.
Get them only a card.
None of the above.
11. Someone offers you a one-night stand. You..
Accept and head back to their place.
Reject it and go home to your lover.
None of the above.
12. A friend asks you to leave your lover because they dislike them. You..
Choose your friend over your lover.
Try to talk things out between the two.
Choose your lover over your friend.
None of the above.

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