What kind of friend are you?

Are you a good friend or a bad friend? Are you a backstabber or the one being backstabbed? Sometimes the only person to talk to is your best friend, but are you a good friend to them? Remember when everyone ditched you that one time when you were little and then found out you were rich and decided to be your friend? Well, I don't, but you do and you need to know how your friendships are adding up!

Are you a good friend, is she a better friend? And most importantly, are you guys even friends? Take this quiz to find out how good your friendship really is!

Created by: Cassie
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. Your most likely answer to the question,"Did you get invited to *your friend's name's* birthday party this weekend?!?!"
Are you kidding? She didn't even tell me it was her birthday!
Heck yes! I already picked out her present!
Yeah, but I don't know what to get her, darn. I wish I was like her, she always knows what to get me!
You know it! But I don't think I'm gonna go, her parties are always lame.
Do you think she'll know if i show up and but without a present?
4. How much time do you and your best friend(s) spend with eachother?
School, that's basically it.
We hang out after school.
Just weekends but I wish i could spend everyday with them/her!
We practically live with eachother!
Not often, we talk on myspace, and other online sites.
5. When you spend the night with your friends, where do you sleep, and if you sleep in the same bed, does it feel weird to you?
Well, when I first spent the night with her, we slept in the same bed, it was a little awkward but we've gotten closer than sisters, so now it's just like sleeping next to my little or older sis!
She got the bed, I got the floor.
She let me have the top bunk without a fight, woo hoo!
We have so much fun every time we spend the night with eachother that i don't even remember sleeping!
Am i the only one who hasn't ever been invited to spend the night with my friend?
6. When you get a new boy friend, what do your friends act like?
Ignore me
They're all cool with it and they invite him to sit with us at lunch
They don't care, but if i sit at his table at lunch, they accuse me of ditching them
They always say he's the wrong guy for me, but when i break up with him, they all have a crush on him all the sudden.
I will never EVER tell any of my friends when i get a new boy friend.
7. Are your friends the kind that would offer you drugs or alcohol? Would you take the offer
My friends would never offer me drugs, and i'd never take the offer!
They'd offer and i'd hesitate to answer, i don't know if i'd take it or not.
I'd be the ones offering the drugs and alcohol!
They might offer, but my answer would be hell no!
I might take the acohol if they made an offer. i definately take it if it were a margarita!
8. Do you think you and your best friend(s) will still be friends in 10 years?
'Til the end baby, til the end!
ummm....let me think
Do you want the honest answer? Hell no!!!
No comment
9. You're in the hallway, one of your best friends is getting cussed out and threatenned by some mean person who just wants to cause trouble, what do you do?
I walk right over there and slap the b---- who thinks they can get away with startin' s--- with my best friend! and i win the fight too. *laughs* i always win! (that's me)
I'm telling the teacher! na na na na na na! *sticks tongue out*
I stand back and watch.
I go over and put my arm around my friend, and walk her to the nearest ice cream parlor.
I wait til the fight's over, I'll take care of that witch tomorrow, in front of everyone at the school.
I was going to help her, but the other day i made an f on a project and she laughed at me when i got grounded.
10. What one-word adjective would you use to describe your friendships.
ummm is dumb a one-word adjective worth describing it?
11. Why do you like to hang out with your friends?
Because they understand all my problems, and they always listen
They like me for who i am
They're freakin' cooler than shizz(which is a good thing!)
Why do i LIKE hanging out with them? ummm, they have money
fun to make fun of them
ummm, i don't really know
12. If you had a choice, and answer honestly, would you choose 1 million dollars, or a true friend?
I got pleanty of friends, plus, i need the money
I got pleanty of money, i need some friends who like me for me, not my money
I take the money and run
well, i would pick the true friend but I already gots one of the bestest true friends in the world, I could share the money with her!
Shoot, i could buy myself a true friend with all that cash!
The true friend! (me: wow, you're crazy)

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