What kind of Football player are you?

hello my name is chester and i think that i am a person and i live some where and i also think that when people play sporths that they get good stuff like ure mom

What type of football player are you? what and are you that he us was done bad black chiken small hoem up down turn around i think that this quiz sucks and i think that i dont want to do it any more and i dont want to write this stupid thing about nothing

Created by: Eamon
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. The ball is about to be hiked, what are you doing?
Your calling out the plays and looking at your recievers.
Your getting ready to sprint down the field and make a sweet catch.
Your looking around to make sure no one is blitzing.
Your thinking about blocking the s--- out of the guy infront of you.
4. Some one has the ball and is running down the field, what are you doing?
You caught the ball, GO! GO! GO!
You just made a sweet pass.
You stop that f---er dead in his tracks.
Your to big to catch him so you keep blocking the guy infront of you.
5. The ball is in the air, where are you on the field?
Your at the other end of the field because of your arm.
Near the end zone, waiting for it to come.
Your near the Q.B blocking some guy.
Your getting ready to make an interception.
6. Your strong points are?
Strength and Power.
Speed and catching ability.
Throwing and Accuracy.
Reading plays.
7. A big guy is barreling at you, what do you do with the ball?
Use your cannon and throw it.
Use your super speed and deek him.
Your big enough, lay him out.
Use your sence of reading the field and find an opening to run.
8. High lights of the game for you?
Breaking the line and sacking the Q.B.
Making one handed catches and touch downs.
Interceptions and deeks.
Making a throw longer then the field.
9. The other team try's a running play, what are you doing?
Your on the bench, don't play on defense.
Your breaking through men trying to takle the guy.
Your waiting for him at the end of the field.
10. After the game your?
Streching your arm from all the throwing you did.
Streching your legs from all the running and taking of your gloves.
Taking off your big pads and doing hitting drills.
11. Your killing the other team, you decide to do something new, what is it?
You show off a bit and make a one handed catch.
You level out some kids that are smaller then you.
You make a dozen interceptions and there all dives.
You run the ball this time and get a touch down.
12. Only your position wears this during games.
Super sticky gloves.
A play maker wrist band.
A full cage mask.

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