What is your Vampire name?

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xXVampireKnightLoverXx said:
Dec 31 '08, 9:49PM

Thius wos kool

Pathetic_cookie_lover said:
Oct 21 '08, 6:42PM

This is a cool quize.Mine was Namula moonshine......COol !!!!

vampire_doll said:
Oct 16 '08, 7:43PM

Your Result: Serenula Lonesomhel

You are a lonely person, you prefer to be on your own and like to think. You are clever but you have unrealised potential. You need to get out there and talk to people, make some friends and have some fun.

Taranula Scaryns
Damula Advefret
Tubula Laaughstein
Namula Moonshine
Karula Drifher
Eamanula Skiittzu
Cherula Famana

threedaysgrace09 said:
May 21 '08, 11:39PM

ok? this is a great quiz! my result was like emanula something. not even close 2 my real name! lol

c man said:
Apr 14 '08, 4:06PM

that was the fun, it was the Chuck Norris of quizzzzzes, is Chuckpire a vampire name?

playdead said:
Dec 27 '07, 5:31AM

Tubula Laaughstein dats ma name

ryeface said:
Nov 27 '07, 9:58PM

my name is awesomeness.

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