What is your Vampire name?

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Icis84 said:
Nov 20 '11, 4:37PM

Im karula D. It completly me, but im also taranula S. Some thouht not alot

colbranerd22 said:
Oct 16 '11, 11:39AM

My Result: Taranula Scaryns

You are one creepy person, You're into blood and gore, and like creepy things like Knives. You are quite interesting and like reading horror books and watching horrow movies. You have a fantasy touch to you and love to imagine. it describes me perfectly :)

brooklynnena97 said:
Sep 1 '11, 1:19AM

like wat adam

brooklynnena97 said:
Sep 1 '11, 1:17AM

@ buffyavampkitty i never heard your name befour and its cool being a vampire girl

brooklynnena97 said:
Sep 1 '11, 1:13AM

my name is serenula lonesomhel im a vampire

xxemogirlxx111 said:
Aug 19 '11, 6:44PM

I do love to imagine

kiyaa123 said:
Aug 9 '11, 4:26PM

omg i have a wierd name

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