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Have you ever wondered where you fit in the political spectrum? Take this short quiz and find out! This quiz addresses your more fundamental philosophical bases, rather than superficials.

Political ideologies spring primarily from philosophy; basing opinions only on issues is superficial at best. What do you really believe is the underlying golden principle? That is what this quiz addresses!

Created by: Ali
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3. What is your opinion on foreign policy?
Isolationism: Have an adequate defense. The United States ought not to interact with other nations. Focus on domestic issues and domestic trade.
Non-intervention: Have an adequate defense. Trade and talk with other countries; travel and invest in other countries. But do not start wars or police the world, and stay out of wars unless our soil is threatened. Do not get heavily involved in entangling foreign organizations. Have free trade and keep a low profile militarily. Close overseas bases and bring the troops home.
First-Strike: Have a strong, offensive military. Strike/attack other nations when their actions threaten our political or economic interests. Maintain a presence overseas and participate in international government. Participate in nation-building.
Imperialism: Conquer and exploit other nations for economic and political gain.
4. What is your opinion on the income tax?
Abolish the income tax. People have a right to the sweat of their brow; they can spend their money better than a politician can. Fund the government with other means. Leave the wealth in the hands of individuals.
Lower the income tax: Allow individuals to keep more of their income.
Indifferent: You feel no particular way.
Raise the income tax: Take more wealth from individuals; politicians need more revenue.
100% Income Tax: The government has a right to your labor and the sweat of your brow.
5. What is your opinion on economic regulation and central planning?
Laissez-Faire: Let free individuals determine how the market functions throught heir market interactions. Politicians are too distant and impersonal to effectively manage economies and, in any case, it is not their job or moral right to do so.
Less Regulation: Politicians cannot effectively control the economy. You believe there ought to be some restrictions, but individuals should be free to make economic decisions and bear the consequences.
Indifferent: You feel no particular way
More regulation: Politicians are more qualified to run the economy than private citizens, and are less corrupt. The economy ought to be more centrally planned by the government.
Complete Central Planning: Private citizens, being human, are too incapable of making their own economic decisions. Politicians, therefore, ought to make economic decisions and ought to plan and control the economy.
6. What is your opinion on free trade?
Private citizens ought to be able to freely trade property and services. As long as nobody is hurt, leave the government out.
The government ought to favor some corporations or businesses and grant them special privileges.
The government ought to completely control private property and trade
The government ought to be more involved in free trade; politicians can do a better job in managing trade than private citizens and businesses.
7. What is your opinion on private property?
Private property is the fruit of one's labor and is a critical right in a free society.
Private property is well and good, but government/politician authority supercedes private property.
There ought to be no private property. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need".
8. What is your opinion on controversial social or cultural interactions (e.g. gay marriage)?
Private adults can do whatever they want as long as they do not hurt others.
Politicians have a moral duty and right to regulate the behavior of the citizenry
9. What is your opinion of drug legality?
Legalize all sbustances. It is not the duty of the government to tell adults what to do; if people want to ruin their lives, that is their responsibility. Drug prohibition does more harm than good.
Legalize soft drugs.
More drug restriction: The government has the moral duty to protect the people from themselves.
Complete drug restriction
10. What is your opinion on gun rights?
Less restricted gun laws: The private citizens have a right to bear arms and ought to be able to defend themselves against criminals and tyrannical government.
More restricted gun laws: Only the government/politicians ought to be armed; the private people cannot be trusted with firearms
Complete gun ban
11. What is your opinion on the environment?
Private property is the best solution to environmental issues
The government ought to be more restrictive regarding environmental laws
The government ought to prohibit or harshly control emissions and pollution

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