What is your personality?

This quiz is a quiz to see what type of personality you have. Just so you know, it will probably work the best for girls... or gay guys... but if you're a guy and you want to take this quiz anyway, heyy, I'm not gonna stop you!

There are sooooo many different types of personalities that different types of people have, but because of this, some people may think they have a certian personality and actually have a different one. take this quiz to find out how well you know yourself!

Created by: amazon
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How many friends do you have?
err... does my brother/sister count?
WAY too many to count!
I don't need friends!
4. How would you describe yourself?
shy, keeps to myself
a great friend, shy, sweet
outgoing, funny, popular
pretty, great taste in clothes, popular
there is too much drama in my life!
popular, b----y, pretty
5. What did you do last weekend?
Sat at home with my family
Didn't come home almost all weekend! I was with my friends!
Was with my best friend
Was at home texting people, but only cuz all my friends were busy!
Had to lie to most of my friends when they called cuz i already made plans with people
Went shopping, of course! You can never have too many clothes!!
6. How many people have ever asked you out?
I have to fight 'em off! No means no, people!!
WAYYYY too many to count!!
idk... like 2-5?
err... i've never been asked out...
7. How many relationships have you been in?
Way too many! i have to learn how to say no!
A few... i don't like getting my heart broken
Like 5-15?
Well, I've been in a few, but people always break up with me cuz they say i have too much drama!!
idk but my great looks and fashion always works to my advantage;)
none, but that's ok... i have my family... and relationships always start drama
8. How much drama do you have in your life?
a LOT!!! I have to deal with drama like every second of every day!!
something happens a few times a week, but i can deal with it.
None! If someone does something mean to me, i just shake it off and tell myself i'm better than them. That's what my mom says to do!
The average ammount, but my friends are always there to fight with me!
No one messes with me, I mess with people >:)
9. What do u do it your worst enemy spreads a nasty rumor about you, and it gets around the whold school?
i dont have a worst enemy. I'm friends with everyone!!:)
Spread an even nastier rumor about them. I can be a b---- too. >:)
Get the whole school to turn agenst them. I'm friends with almost everyone; I can make it happen!
I don't really talk to anyone, so I don't really have a worst enemy. I feel like I'm invisible to the world, but I like it that way!... maybe
10. Pick which one describes you best:
Shopping=my life
drama=my life
my friends=my life
my family=my life
11. What do u do when you're bored?
pick up the phone and call one of my many friends
Make outfits for school/go shopping/do my make-up
gossip with my friends
hang out with my brother/sister
read/write/anything quiet
12. WHat outfit would you most likely wear (girls only)
anything glamorous!! you should look your best wherever you are!!
I don't care; the only people who really look at me is my family!
anything from Abercrombie or Hollister!! I don't want people talking about my clothes behind my back!!
something cute to impress the guys! ;)
13. (only for girls) How much make-up do you wear??
Everything!! I have to look absolutly perfect no matter where I am!!
None. What's the point?
Not much, but enough to look pretty
Enough so people don't think I'm ugly
Not much, my friends don't really care what I look like, and I'm friends with everyone!

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