What is your destiney job?

do you want to see what your destiny job is? find out. ooooooh, the suspense is killing me. don't you want to find out what you might be in your career? go on, take the quiz!! you know you want to!

find out what YOUR destiny job is. come on, i mean, unless you DON'T want to know what your future might hold. What if your a bum? what if if you don't take this quiz, you never get a successful job?

Created by: amazon
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. You go to a Broadway show and see that the line goes down about 3 blocks for tickets. What do you do?
Go home. Its probably not that good a show anyway.
Cunningly sneak through the back door (and leave the money on the ticket counter when you leave)
Pull out your purchased in advanced tickets out of your pocket and walk in.
Help out the ticket guy and distibute tickets to the line. Two heads (or mabey 4 hands) are better then 1! (or two)
4. You walk by a store with the most awesome hat in the display window. There's just one problem - the price tag reads $450. How are you going to deal?
Get the money by helping out at the Senior Center.
Don't try and make the money, but just walk by the display every day and imagine yourself with it.
Forget about that hat, you already have your WAY BETTER one that you made yourslelf. So original!!!
Ugh, please! you know just by looking at it that it would probably get turned into a riped mess the next day. Plus you know you can get something exactly like it at the T.J. Maxx down the street, but at a much lower price.
5. You walk down a street full of stores. Which one do you pick?
The little vintage store on the corner
Khols: 15% of the money you spend goes to goodwill!
6. You have a choice of restaurants. Which do you pick?
The all-vegatarian resturant
The classy Italian resturant
The Japanease steakhouse. Entertainment and food!
7. which shoe do you choose?
The 5 inch stiletoes
the confy sneakers
those plastic clogs with the holes in them that everyone says is so confortable
The trendy white wedges. It goes with everything!
8. Which animal are you?
The bebgal tiger. Look at the fierce eyes!
The eagle. It looks as if its keeping a protective eye on all of us.
The sloth. You get to sleep like, all day!
The peacock. Look at those beautiful feathers!
9. You walk into the the mall and see your friend crying on a bench. you talk to them and find out that there boyfriend/girlfriend has broken up with them. What do you say?
O, well... thats to bad. Hey you want to go eat?
dont worry! do you know how many better people are out there?
He/she didn't desearve someone like you.
Why are you crying when you should be selabrating?
10. where is your dream vacation spot?
the rainforest
eating and sleeping at home
11. What do you buy someone for there birthday?
an awsome necklace you made
a sertificate to a spa
some theraputic candles
12. what pet do you choose?
pet rock

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