What is you spirit animal?

This quiz is to find your spirit animal. Your spirit animal repersents your personality and the way you act around people. A spirit animal is the animal that is most like you :)

Do you want to know your spirit animal! Click here to find you! Could you answer a series of questions to find out what type of species of animal lures inside you> Then click here to find your spirit animal!!!

Created by: Wolfie
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What animal do you think most describes you?
Peacock- Great Style!
Hyena- Great Humour!
Cat- Very friendly!
Wolf- Very loyal
Snake- Sly and mischevous!
4. Your best friend just one a major compeition what is your reaction?
Yeah woo great... ( sarcasm )
Throw them a massive party with all their friends
Lie and say your happy for them when you dont really care that much
Ring them, say congrats and get them a card.
Invite them over to watch a great movie and have a great evening
5. There is a sale on 75% off, at a designer shop, what do you do?
Run in grab it all and then call my friends and tell them what Ive bought
Walk straight past it
Think about how much you would be spending
Buy a cute t-shirt for £10
Go in and just dance to the music
6. How do you find this quiz so far?
So far! I thought this was the end!
Not too bad :D
I wanna see the results...
Meh -_-
7. You see a kid crying with his ice cream on the floor what do you do?
Walk on and laugh at him and then check out his fit brother
Think "well its his fault he dropped it"
Go check hes ok and buy him a new one
Wipe his mouth of ice cream and then say its ok...
Go and jump on his ice cream even more
8. Finally!...
That was fast!
9. Ahem, I meant this is the final question. What means the most to you, honestly dont just pick the nicest one...
Family and friends
That I am happy
The earth
That I am always going to succeed and be the best
That I will be safe and never get hurt
10. Ha! I lied this isnt the last question! Ok, whats your favourite colour?
Icey Blue
Dont have one
11. And food?
Nachos ;)
Eww junk food only a diet for me!
A balenced diet with everything
Ill eat whatever everyone else eats really
12. If you saw a deer on the side of the road that was hit by a car what would you do?
Pull over and tend to it
Calm it down
Slide out the car, put it in the back and take it to a vets
Grab your first aid kit from the car and help it
Try and help it up
13. If you could marry any type of person who would it be?
Some form of a carer
Best Friend
Sport Player
14. Finally if you could name your spirit animal what would you name it( out of these )?
Shadow Seeker

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