What GOP politician are you?


What republican politician are you? Are you Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Donald Trump, Ron Paul, Lindsey Graham, Rick Santorum. Anvkknvnvnnvnvnvnnvnvnvnvnvvnnv

Created by: julian polanski

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  1. The federal government should ban contraceptives
  2. should the government give tax breaks to individual companies to prevent them from taking jobs oversees
  3. Should flag burning should be illegal?
  4. the government should be...
  5. Should abortion be legal in cases of rape or incest?
  6. Gay marriage is...
  7. We need to invade Iraq again
  8. A flat tax is...
  9. The government should play a special role in providing and regulating healthcare
  10. protectionism is...
  11. we should continue funding of israel

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Quiz topic: What GOP politician am I?