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  • Hi, this is Eunice again. I just wanted to tell you that this quiz is fake news. I was told that I was Cinderella but guess what honey, I am old enough to be Cinderella's mother, I was born in 1928 and that little turd wasn't around until 1950. SHE CAN BURN IN HELL! I don't see her appeal, she's a dumb blonde who is so materialistic and she just needs to go away. You know, back in my day Dumb blondes used to be the ones with the colored fellows. Shame on them, gingers for life, unless we're talking about men, I like albinos (so they're the opposite of the colored fellows). That kids, is why I didn't get much work before I retired. (I did over a hundred p---os, before they got ruined by the colors.) xoxo Eunice!

    Eunice has a dog Jan 11 '18, 3:02PM
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