What color streaks should you put in your hair?

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FluffyEtini said:
Apr 8 '16, 10:32AM


lindseyt said:
Jul 16 '14, 12:59PM

i got bond/caramel.thats what i wanted. i guess it would look good with my brown hair

zoe marshall said:
Jun 21 '13, 10:31PM

I got red really cook

girl_on_fire101 said:
Feb 21 '13, 11:12PM

red..huh i wanted caramel, i have brown hair but i guess red could be okay, considering my look, i think caramel will look a bit better but okay

Athena2217 said:
Aug 13 '12, 1:01PM

i got purple. that would look good with my black hair but i wanted blue.

roselina1314 said:
Aug 12 '12, 5:34PM

i got purple but i really wanted blue

ixheartxu said:
Aug 11 '12, 9:27PM

i got pink or green

pinkgirl said:
Aug 11 '12, 9:07PM

i got red. would you suggest putting a streak in my side bangs?

zoe marshall said:
Aug 10 '12, 4:42PM

so happy i got red streaks

LunaLovegood3 said:
Jul 21 '12, 3:12PM

I got blonde or caramel streaks. I am blonde but a dark blonde. I'd like to put platnum blonde streaks in my hair!

zerina said:
Apr 15 '12, 9:54PM

I got red and I have a red streak in my hair!

scolionophobia said:
Apr 14 '12, 7:53PM

i guess blonde but im yellow as freak so ill probabily be the same color as it

XxSophiacxX said:
Apr 13 '12, 9:19AM

OOHHHHHHHHH! i got my favorite color red!!!!!!!!!

Lolallday said:
Apr 12 '12, 4:42PM

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zomgirl said:
Apr 8 '12, 4:52PM

i have all of these colors in my hair but their thin so i can fit them and i still have a good amount of my natural hair...wait ,if i may ask a question, is it bad that my natural hair color is platnuim blonde, i mean like literally white? and that i'm not an albino? No offence though.... ha justa random question :)

glitterchick97 said:
Apr 7 '12, 12:08PM

I got pink and green...not really my style:P I want to dye all of my hair scarlet!!!!:)

PandasEatNoodles said:
Apr 7 '12, 10:48AM

I got pink or green :)

soccergurl14 said:
Apr 7 '12, 3:32AM

Cool. I got red streaks.

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