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  • Purple

    FluffyEtini Apr 8 '16, 10:32AM
  • i got bond/caramel.thats what i wanted. i guess it would look good with my brown hair

    lindseyt Jul 16 '14, 12:59PM
  • I got red really cook

    zoe marshall Jun 21 '13, 10:31PM
  • red..huh i wanted caramel, i have brown hair but i guess red could be okay, considering my look, i think caramel will look a bit better but okay

    girl_on_fire101 Feb 21 '13, 11:12PM
  • i got purple. that would look good with my black hair but i wanted blue.

    Athena2217 Aug 13 '12, 1:01PM
  • i got purple but i really wanted blue

    roselina1314 Aug 12 '12, 5:34PM
  • i got pink or green

    ixheartxu Aug 11 '12, 9:27PM

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