what color is your personality???

there are many different colors in the world and many different personalities and if you take this quiz you can find out what color best suits your personality.

do you know what color best suits your personality? well find out while taking this quiz! you could be blue, green, orange, purple, black, or pink and red.

Created by: paramorerox121323
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. what is your favorite color out of these?
pink or red
4. if you had one day to do whatever you want which would you choose?
chillax at the beach under the sun
go on a hike with the family in the woods
throw the biggest party in the world and invite every awesome person you know
hang out with a friend at your house and watch movies
go shopping at the mall with your group and spend everything youve got
stay home alone all day
5. how do you think people could describe you in 3 words?
layed back. matchure. friendly.
nice. ecofriendly. wildlife expert.
spunky.colorful. wild.
mysterious. quiet. lazy.
girly. airheaded. loveable.
deep. dark. unsocial.
6. do people describe you as calm?
ya sometimes
eh barely
7. do you think of yourself as an outdoors person?
ya if you mean chilling at the beach...
yes! i love forests and animals!
eh im more of an indoors person.
not at all
NO! i hate outside!!!
ew! was that a bug?!!! GROSE! why is there dirt out here?!
8. is your personality kind of fun and wild?
eh kinda. i like watching the sun set over the shore.
sure i guess. im not that wild though.
uh no.
sure. but only during sales!
not at all i usually keep to myself.
9. what would you do if there was a 90% off sale at the mall?
mall? i buy my clothes at the thrift store.
walk right by. fashion isnt the world you know.
i would buy maybe 1 or 2 things. but thats all cuz i already have enough clothes.
eh not my type of thing.
i hate malls.
10. would you go to a party if it was right next door and all your friends were there?
maybe go over for a minute to say hi.
i would go after it was over to help clean up. i hate litter.
who cares? my best friend would be with me at my house anyways.
i would go over and make out with the hottest person there!
what friends? everybody i know are jerks and self centered.
11. who do you hang out with at school?
i dont really have any best friends. i like everybody. so i just go with the flow.
my friends are in the club i started to save the polar bears.
i hang out with different people every day. usually the ones i meet at the parties the night before.
i have 1 best friend i do everything with.
the populars and the jocks are my clique.
i do everything by myself. i cant stand the people at my school.
12. what do you dou in your free time.
i love going to the beach and surfing up some waves
i go pick up the town of all the litter
i like to go to parties or the local kareoke place with my friends
hang out with my best firend at my house and maybe go see a movie
i grab my friends and go shopping!
lock myself in my room and listen to music and write in my notebook
13. why did you take this quiz???
im sick so i cant go out to the beach.
its raining so outside is not an option. but ill be out there right when it clears up.
no parties until next weekend.
my best friend is out of town so im bored.
the mall is closed
i have nothing else to do. [like i ever do.].

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