What Color Is Your Aura?

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teh_turtle said:
Jul 5 '12, 10:25PM

Blue, yep. Match.

PurpleCherries said:
Jul 5 '12, 7:14PM


Wow, that makes me feel... confident. :) Thank you for brightening up my day.

Sonic_Fan_12345 said:
Jul 5 '12, 3:25PM

Woohoo!! Violet! Now that is definitely true! :D

BonnieCooper said:
Jul 5 '12, 2:39PM

Green! But pink (my favorite color, besides of white) was pretty close C: I loved the quiz :3

PuffBall said:
Jul 5 '12, 4:20AM

I got orange! My fave color? *reads* o.o that is so true... Thus is too bizzare

secret8 said:
Jun 14 '12, 5:21PM

you got me good. i got blue!

graceegan said:
Apr 6 '12, 2:48PM

What Color Is Your Aura?
Your Result: Green
You are compassionate and kind, a lover of animals and people. Greens are fierce protectors of the planet, and are friendly, reliable and strong. They quietly and unassumingly try to change the world for the better.

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