What Clan Are You?

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There are millions of clans, but only one of the main four will work for you. But which one? Hmmm... maybe you are bloodthirsty like Shadowclan? Or maybe loyal like Thunderclan? Whatever the case, you're specially designed for one of these clans!

How can you be designed for ONE clan when some are so alike? Well, all clans are different in some way! For example, Windclan may like battles like Shadwoclan, but they are more caring! Figure out now and click this quiz!

Created by: Spottedfur of Warriors of the Flame
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3. Your camp is on fire!!! Do you...
Turn tail and run.
Save as many cats as you can before leaving.
Save your family and run.
Hesitate, then run.
4. Your leader is dying! Do you...
Call for the medicine cat's help.
Watch in horror as s/he dies.
Watch in complete depression as s/he dies.
Walk away smiling. After all, you ARE deputy!
5. Your mate just dumped you! Do you...
Do it Ashfur-style!
Let it ride. There are plenty of fish in the sea.
Glare at him/her angrily, then stomp away.
Go into complete depression.
6. You find crowfood in the freshkill pile! Do you...
Smell it, then demand where s/he found it.
Think, Whatever. There's a lot of that around here.
Put it down and never mention it to anyone.
Throw it away and talk to your leader.
7. A twoleg just took you to its nest! Do you...
Scratch up everything and yowl at the top of your lungs.
Hide under things, shaking.
Try to get outside.
Wait at the window for someone to rescue you.
8. You just fell into the quick river! Do you...
Swim, of course!
Call for help!
Scrabble at the things around you.
Let the water take you down.
9. Your leader just told you that you have no purpose in the clan! Do you...
Walk away, embarrased.
Hit him/her, claws out or in.
Tell him/her that they had gone crazy.
Slowly pad away, shaking, tail, between your legs.
10. You awake to find yourself in a lab! Do you...
Shake uncontrollably and hide.
Hiss and scratch at any twoleg that passes.
Try to find the exit.
Think about what to do next.
11. You hear a loud bag, and a dead duck falls in front of you! Do you...
Take the duck and run!
Look around, take the duck, and move on.
Take the duck, look around, and eat it.
12. Darth Vader is flying around in a giant rocket boot! Do you...

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